Do you ever feel like you can’t discuss money/F.I.R.E etc… with others!

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      .. because people look at you like you are minted then they ask you for money like you have a ton of it just sitting around? I want to be excited about my progress and share it with others, but I think it has made me a target for moochers.

      How do you guys feel about this?

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        Absolutely all the time this goal is a lifestyle it’s not just a goal and I think all time “I wish I had someone to share this with or ask a question about this or share ideas about this”

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          Share it with the like minded people, if you talk about baseball with someone who’s not interested in baseball then it will be a one sided conversation. It’s the same as FIRE. You just gotta to know your audience that’s all.

          I also have no one to talk to in this topic. None of my friends have any knowledge in investing or even know what FIRE is.

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            I prefer people only know what I live on if that, and I’m currently about $13 an hour, and the rest going to investments.

            I don’t drive a new car in fact I have the shittiest car in the parking lot at work a 15 year old Hyundai Elantra with 250k miles on it. The thing just won’t die, and gets 34 mpg so I’ll keep on driving it. The new set of tires are probably worth more than the car.

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              Think of FIRE as fight club. What is rule number one?

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                FiRE is like swinging, you can only talk about it to certain like minded people.

                Now if we only had a symbol like an upside down pineapple to subtlety indicate we are FIRE people. Perhaps an upside down $?

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                  Yup, I have a group of much older people, mostly millionaires, I’ll talk finances with.

                  Also 4 people in a different coffee group who are somewhat FIRE motivated.

                  lol I brazenly lie to neighbors and many others I’m still working FT from home but the reality is I don’t average 15 hours/month. I think one guy has me figured out but hasn’t said anything.

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                    A family member reacted by saying that if we were putting money into savings we obviously didn’t need it and we were selfish, greedy people for not giving that extra money to a certain “poor” family member. Please note that this poor family member has not held a real job for more than 4 straight months in 20 years.

                    Obviously I have been a little more selective with how I share since that point.

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                    Ry Baker

                      I mean, I’m still poor. I had the epiphany in 2020, made, good progress, but keep having setbacks that have wiped it out. So, basically back to square 1 after 3 years. So no one is hitting me up for money. But if I try to explain the concept of not working until you die to most people in my circles, they look at me like I’m either crazy, or act like I’m being uppity.

                      I grew up working poor, have many friends (even from college, who are 15 years into their career) who are still paycheck to paycheck, and the idea of retiring at all, especially before the government prescribed age, is such a foreign concept to them that it sounds like I’m trying to sell them some pyramid scheme if I even try to explain it to them. It doesn’t feel like such a hard concept to me, but programming is a hard thing to break.

                      Mostly, I’ve just given up trying. You don’t need other people’s approval to do a new thing in life, and it’s not your job to convert them. Just do you, and keep it to people who you know are similarly minded.

                      Explore these too: I’d love to hear how you’re using geoarbtirage, making affordable lifestyle choices, and saving for FIRE

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                        Scroll through the group, this gets brought up almost monthly and there are plenty of funny experiences already posted. Youll love it.

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                          People who have asked me money tips have been coached by me and have come back to tell me they are doing excellent because of what I taught them. A healthy mindset about money and coming to Jesus is needed at times. Unless they ask I don’t tell them. If they do and A Few have asked, I teach them what I knew and started out as.

                          Debt free at 52 own all cars and multiple homes outright but people Aren’t happy about that for others in my experience. That’s why I joined this group. My Husband and I work hard and gave up a lot to be debt free. Now packing the investments for FIRE.

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