Moving house and I have no idea what I’m doing

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      .. The last place I moved from was fully furnished so easy to pack up. Feel stupid asking but I don’t have people to help me so will be doing it on my own, I’m looking for advice on how you move the bigger things like taking apart furniture and putting it back together (without the instructions now)? Or appliances like cookers and washing machines I had installed I don’t know how to remove them or reinstall…

      Feel like you guys are a savvy bunch that can help my stupidity and probably has some tips and tricks for packing up, please.

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        You’ll need help. Physically, to move the big stuff.. no need to dismantle stuff unless you can’t get it through doorways.

        I suggest you look for ‘man & van’ removals on fb market place, find the right one, and they’ll help. May not be insured though (in case of damage to your stuff) if you’re worried about possible damage, it’ll have to be a professional removal company.

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          Cooker will be either electric with a plug or if its wired in I would get an electrician. If gas then you need a gas person to remove, washing machine is normally a plug in the wall and feed pipes off of the taps, turn water off at mains and cap of inlet pipes if they don’t have a tap fitting on them. The waste hose normally fits into a hole in the wall/floor. Just needs pulling out.

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            Veo moves moved me and they dismantled and built back up what needed to be done. They not that expensive either.

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