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      My spouse and I have been taking advantage of our remote work and slow traveling around the US. We are staying US bound while we have our older dog. We enjoy slow traveling, but renting furnished places hasn’t been a cheap way to travel, so we are considering maybe picking a place to stay for 1-2 years since we would need to buy everything (furniture etc).

      We are South Dakota residents, switched over for simplicity as nomadic people. If we stay in a single spot, we will probably keep our residency since we won’t long term stay in the US.

      Would prefer a state that has no income tax, keeps it simple.

      We are looking for a place that doesn’t get too cold (grew up in Ohio) but not too hot (spent a few years living in Morocco).

      Would love a place that is walkable, being able to walk or bike ride into a downtown area with shops, gyms, restaurants, breweries, etc would be awesome.

      We are thinking maybe Reno, NV or Nashville, TN. Still need to explore each place but would appreciate insight from everyone here.

      NOTE: LCOL is relative I know, especially if we want to be in a big city. We are finding it hard to find a place that is under $3k on AirBNB or Furnished Finder.  Before slow traveling our home was in South OC, California.

      We are DINKWADs in our late 30’s

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        Give a look to Delaware. It has a moderate climate, no income tax, and some very walkable/bike able towns – probably getting out of preferred budget for the most walkable/ridable towns (Wilmington, Rehoboth, Lewes, etc) but there may be a few gems.

        If you’re willing to put up with some cold and limited income tax (only a flat tax of 4% on div/interest) then Keene, NH might be a place to consider.

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          I know you said you were looking for something with no income tax but you might consider Louisville Kentucky since you’re looking at Nashville Tennessee. Louisville will be cheaper cost of living but it’s got bike Lanes everywhere. In fact, the last mayor was even nicknamed “Mayor McBikelane” because of his personal initiative to convert a lot of surface streets in and around the downtown area to have bike lanes…

          A lot of people don’t know this but we’re actually in the process of transitioning into becoming a no income tax state. We’re not there yet but it’s my understanding that the goal is to get it there within like 5 or 10 years or something. If you’re only going to be here a couple years, that process probably won’t be completed by the time you leave but in the meantime you’ll enjoy cheaper sales tax here in exchange for having to deal with the income tax.

          I’m a mortgage broker here in the area so I know several people in the real estate world, including several Airbnb and other short-term rental owners. Happy to help you out and whatever capacity you would like.

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            Washington State has no income tax, 4 seasons, and various climates depending on where you live in the state. Seattle area is expensive, but there are other regions of the state that are more affordable.

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              Definitely not Nashville, it’s very expensive. A few others have mentioned Louisville KY (where I live) and that may be a good option. Even cheaper are cities like New Albany or Jeffersonville where you’re across the river from Louisville but you’re paying IN taxes that tend to be less.

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