Best frugal products for thick wavy hair (normal oil/dry) that is a little frizzy and undefined?

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      I’m not totally happy with Garnier or Aussie. Looking for new options!

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        Honestly, olaplex is expensive but does wonders. I would use it once a week or once a month to keep your hair healthy. Especially if using cheap shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis.

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          It’s not really totally frugal but it is when you consider you don’t need to wash your hair as often. 1st make sure you do not have hard water and if you do try to get some kind of treatment for it.

          Then you can use this brand.


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            Dollar tree has a textured hair shampoo.

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              This is my favorite [Garnier Fructis]. I find coupons for the products in my newspaper sometimes and stock up when I can.


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                I started using deva curl for wavy hair, I got it at tjmax and like it so far…unfortunately it’s not cheap at regular pricing but honestly I didn’t have good luck with stuff from the drug store. I did recently get this from my hairdresser and really like it, you don’t need much so the bottle should last me along time.


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                  Marc Anthony products for curly hair.

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                    In a spray bottle mix hair gel, leave in conditioner, and water. I go about 2 parts gel, 1 part conditioner, and 1 part water. Shake well to mix. Tames frizz and fly aways, keeps hair soft, and not crunchy.

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                      Shea moisture brand coconut and hibiscus curl cream. Good stuff. I always find coconut oil works wonders…even on its own.

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                        I found better shampoo/conditioners (my bestie was a hair stylist so she’d use her discount to get them for me- I wanted that after salon feel) just make my hair.. feel softer (like when you touch it, it feels smooth and if FEELS shiny).

                        However it does NOTHING for frizzy lol..

                        I get like a mini fro of flyaways if I sweat or there is any humidity at all.. or if I sleep on it. Curl creams, gel, hairsprays and a little oil or leave in sprays are the only things that detangle and tames for me. My hair can go curly or blow dry and flat iron straight like in my photo. Both have the potential for frizz lol.

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