What ETFS/Stocks/Bonds are you buying to diversify your portfolio?

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      I’m seeking input from fellow investors on the ETFs, stocks, and bonds they are currently considering to diversify their investment portfolios. As someone in my early 30s, I’m keen to explore various investment options and would greatly appreciate hearing about different strategies and scenarios that others are researching or implementing.

      Whether it’s ETFs focusing on specific sectors, individual stocks with promising growth potential, or bonds offering stability, I’m open to any suggestions and insights to broaden my investment horizon.

      Your experiences and perspectives would be invaluable in helping me make informed decisions about my own investment journey.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and recommendations!

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        Small cap value, AVUV and AVDV are great diversifiers! Also emerging markets like AVEM, AVES, AVEE.

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          As diversified as I need.

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            One strategy that has worked very well for me is to look at the top 10 holdings of top small and mid cap mutual funds. They have already been through lots of screening to get there.

            Then you filter them further based on what you might want.

            That’s how I found a little known company Nvidia a few years ago among other good buys.

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              The key to diversifying is buying UNCORRELATED assets. The purpose of diversifying is to reduce investing risk. Buying VOO, an s&p500 index, does give you a smidgen of risk reduction but in my downturns, the s&p500 move in perfect correlation.

              In your research, Google “Markowitz investing asset allocation” and read 5-6 articles. Then apply what you learned.

              Markowitz wrote his famous treatise on asset allocation and he was literally laughed at for 10-15-yrs. After about 15-yrs though, his ideas were proven correct and still later he was awarded the Nobel prize for economics. And today? It is the single most important courage taken by anyone majoring in portfolio mgt.

              Many people think diversification is simply buying stocks in different sectors or buying an index fund. But they are still exposing themselves to a lot of mkt risk.

              Have you seen: Has anyone used “Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium’ service?

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                BRK.B, XSD, MKL, QQQ/QQQM, MOAT, etc.

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                  Options = usually selling

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