What’s the most budget-friendly way to divide a room to reduce sound?

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      Would like to divide a room to diminish sound. Need most frugal way to do this.

      I have a master bedroom/office combo. Building a wall to divide the two will require HOA approval, hiring someone, etc.

      Any ideas for a budget friendly alternative dividing the rooms that will cut down on sound? Thick curtains? Etc. I know links aren’t allowed, so any names of products that I can google will be appreciated.

      Thank you.

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        HOA approval to renovate inside? Crazy! Use bookcases to separate. Look on Pinterest, lots of ideas there.

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          You own inside the front door why would HOA not agree on a wall? Anyway what’s the necessity to block out sound all about?

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            I’d look into IKEA Kallax bookcases. A regular bookcase is probably a tipping hazard. Kallax has a wider base. Even better if you put 2 back-to-back, using a bracket to tie them together, they won’t tip then.

            You can find 13” cubes to hide organization, and they even make doors & drawers to hide storage behind.

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              Put bookcases along that wall.

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                I would do the 4x8x3 wall insulation on the backside of the bookcases with fabric covering for ascetics. No HOA, no builder, portable, resaleable.

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                  The bookcase idea is good. Also consider ceiling to floor length lined curtains to absorb sound.

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                    Buy or build a couple of foldable room dividers. You use or not use as needed.

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                      Blocking noise for better concentration? Or for speaking, like on a phone? If it’s concentration you could add a white noise machine or noise cancelation headphones if curtains or bookshelf isn’t quite enough. My college kids use them

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                        I had a friend that split a room with an amazing custom bookcase with cinder blocks (painted) looked amazing and it didn’t need permit and all the stuff on shelves buffers noise and since it’s custom you make as long as you like. And unlike a bookcase very sturdy.

                        Wood and cinderblock.

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                          I’ve helped a friend do this. With 2x4s and the silver lined insulation sheets from Lowe’s along with twin flat sheets.

                          Make a frame with the 2x4s to attach the insulation sheets covered with the twin flats. Instant room dividers that can be easily removed. Attach frames to ceiling with screws and be done. Can hang lightweight decor on panels.

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                            You can get curtains that hang from the ceiling on tracks similar to the ones you see in hospitals. Much nicer though. Same type of track system that is fairly easy to install and to remove if you want. You can have it out to block the noise and push it back when you want the open space.

                            Amazon has both the track system and the curtains. You can also get fabric that matches your decor and make your own.

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