For everyone that says to shop at ALDI..

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      I am still finding the I am spending about 200 a week for groceries not including household needs or diapers and wipes. 2 adults 2 kids – 2 and 9 momths.

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        There is a Facebook page called Mashup Mom and she does a weekly $70 Aldi meal plan. That said it really does vary widely by area for groceries and I don’t think $200/wk is crazy high. Is that including baby food? Try baby led weaning if you are buying packaged baby food. Check your local library for books on budget meals. The book Good and Cheap by Leanne brown is a great place to start. I also only buy sale produce (the exception is bananas because they are pretty cheap on sale or not).

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          I do Walmart pick up bc I’m not in the stor throwing random items in there and that helps my budget.

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            I used to swear by Aldi for saving money, but lately I’m finding Walmart actually has better prices and I don’t really use Aldi at all anymore.

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            Jed Durso

              I’ve found Walmart to be better, also. I like the pick-up because I stick to my list. Another tip is to set-up a food calendar / food plan which helps you find the cheapest because you get to know the prices for the items.

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                Make a meal plan and grocery list and stick to it like glue! Family of 3 with a two year old— spent $100 last week and that was with a few splurges. Consider going meatless for a few meals per week and you’ll save a lot there.

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                  Sounds like you need to try and meal plan better. I’m in Cali family of four (3yrs and 6month) and we spend $450 a month or less on groceries and household items

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                    I think you’re still doing really good!! Everything is so expensive right now and you have to be easy on yourself. Look up Jordan Page(FunCheapOrFree) she has so many videos on how to save money.

                    One that saves me a lot is only eating packaged snacks at school/work. It’s too expensive to eat them at home when you could make a snack.

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