About to start redecorating our home

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      .. What is everyone’s must haves, tools/accessories/brushes etc and why?

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        Tray liners, disposable rollers and an extending pole to do ceilings.

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          A platform ladder much easier to use. Never used a cutting in brush just decent brushes. An extension pole. And a good Stanley knife/scissors if doing wallpaper.

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            I like the range from ProDec. Really competitively priced for the quality it offers. The one thing I wouldn’t be without is a roller extension pole. Great for walls and ceilings.

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              Cutting in brush to do top of wall, disposable tray liners, quality rollers.

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                Always wrap your paint brushes in clingfilm if not using for a while… saves them drying out or using white spirit to soak x

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                  I only use dulux brushes including a cutting in brush a paint tray with liners yellow frog tape rollers fluffy ones I do have an extension pole but I perfer to use a ladder.

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                    Baby wipes are really handy to have around when you’re decorating. Good for your hands and also to wipe up any small paint spills.

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