Is there anything I can do with potatoes peels besides composting?

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      Also, I thought you couldn’t make veggie broth with potato skins.

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        I scrub mine before peeling, then place on a sheet tray with olive oil and Cavender’s Greek seasoning and roast until crispy.

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          I worked in a New Zealand Restaurant. Potato peels were on the appetizer menu!

          We used all the potato peels from the 50 lb bags we would peel daily. Wash them, soak them and wash again and store in pails of water. We would drain bowls at a time and withban order-a large handful in the deep fyer then tossed with Cajun seasoning.

          They were served with sour cream. Later they were also covered with cheese and topped with green onions and served with salsa and sour cream. Very popular and delicious!

          You can check also: I’ve got a 5 kgs of zucchinis that I want to prepare and freeze. What can I do with them?

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            Dehydrate and they are chips if you scrubbed the potato good. Dehydrate and grind into “flour” like for baking.

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              Omg, soak them in water for 39 min, toss in oil and sprinkle salt. Crisp them in the oven or air fryer.

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                Don’t peel the potatoes for most dishes. Smashed potatoes are good with skin on. Baked of course. You can fry slices, make French fries, all with skin on.

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                  Absolutely. Throw them on a cookie sheet drizzle with olive oil and seasonings flip around and bake add cheese green onions sour cream or whatever trips your trigger yum making my mouth water.

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                    I chop mine in a food processor and use them as hashbrowns.

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                      We use to clean the potatos real good before peeling and then fry them up for breakfast with eggs. Sorta like fries.

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                        If they are decent looking and pretty clean, you can wash, season and put in the air fryer for a snack.

                        I used to put them in my Vitamix with some water and then apply to the soil in my garden.

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