I’m all for frugal but we only get one shot at this

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      I believe in cherishing memories. My dad always said if you see something you truly want buy it.

      He was very frugal and thrifty. Now he’s lying with a brain injury from a fall and I’m so glad I celebrated Father’s Day early with extra special card and gift I did not skimp on.

      Glad I made that extra trip to see him even though gas was up in price. I’m all for frugal but we only get one shot at this.

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        A blessing that you were able to do those things with him. I was able to watch a football game with my dad a couple nights before he died. He was losing his memory, but we just sat next to each other in their arm chairs and I held his hand.

        He snuck an ice cream bar that night too. We had a nice night together and you are right that we should not stop doing the things that are important to us. I think often about that last night we had together and it was so special.

        Sending you prayers and hope for your dads healing.

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          I think frugal means not wasting anything vs not spending money. So glad you got to spend time with your dad.

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            Prayers for you and your Daddy. Meanwhile, thank you for that lesson of wisdom that we all needed to hear.

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              I agree with being frugal but when it comes to a precious person like your dad then splurge.

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                So true. It’s good not to be wasteful but you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the little pleasures in life either. You never know when your time is up and you’ll end up regretting what you didn’t do. Sending good vibes to your dad.

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                  My dad always says “you die in debt or you die happy” and that’s what got him through the endless hundreds and hundreds of miles, 4 blown engines, 3 blown transmissions, and thousands of dollars of gas prices just to see me when my mom and step dad were moving once a year. Prayers foe your dad.

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                    In the Tightwad Gazette, the author talks about how they pinched pennies and the first year only saved $125 but back then that allowed them to buy a used chain saw and save $500 on firewood the next year. At the end, she says, “what is the point of all this?What do you do after you have saved and been frugal and have enough now to live comfortably?” Start supporting local businesses, even when it costs more, help your community, help others. Even she recognized that being human comes first.

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