What is your frugal win for the week? Mine is paying off another credit card

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      This week, I achieved a significant frugal milestone by paying off another credit card. I’m curious about the small or big financial victories others have accomplished. Have you found a way to save money, paid off some debt, or made a budget-friendly purchase that you’re proud of?

      Share your frugal win for the week and inspire others with your achievements! Whether it’s cutting down on unnecessary expenses, finding great deals, or making smart financial decisions, every bit counts.

      Let’s celebrate these wins together and motivate each other to continue our journey towards financial freedom!

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        We (the whole family) tested positive for Covid on Tuesday so that’s been a big money saver. Except for one grocery delivery, we’ve been staying home, paying bills, consolidating Parent-Plus loans and binge watching YouTube.

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          I needed to be out of town for a wedding. Instead of staying at the wedding hotel for over $200 a night we stay at a different for under $80 a night.

          We just needed a place to sleep not a pool, etc

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            The garden is growing strong. I have to pick berries every other day and we have potatoes, peas, and zucchini now!


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              I paid my insurance premiums off in one lot, which works out cheaper than the installment options. It resulted in a tight month till the next pay check but phew! What an improvement in my end-pay

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                Went to Lowe’s to get another bag of Miracle Grow potting soil and was told it was $17.00 when I paid $6.50 the week before.

                So, I got a no name bag of potting soil for $5.98. Plants are doing great.

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                  Discovering that my workplace back up care benefits cover summer camps that I otherwise couldn’t afford…

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                    I went shopping with my mother and sister-in-law to cute gift shops in a tourist town.

                    They both bought a bunch of cute things, and I made a point not to buy anything, even though I really wanted a $50 sweatshirt.

                    That was definitely a win for me.

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                      I opened a credit card at macys and saved 20%. Big lol.

                      Seriously though, we save 21 cents a gallon on gas by paying in cash and using a rewards card…Speedway in California.

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                        Got numerous auto & home insurance quotes. Will be switching, at least the auto, this week for a $1000 per year savings.

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