His birthday is on Father’s Day

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      You may be frugal… but are you “repurpose an old wedding thank you note into a happy birthday/Father’s Day card” for your brother? He’s going to laugh.

      frugal birthday

      His birthday is on Father’s Day

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        This went from bama to Alabama real quick.

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          Ok, this is hilarious and perfect and frugal AF!!

          And now can we talk about cards for a second? For someone who is frugal and environmentally conscious, cards are an awful waste of resources!

          This is a great way to reuse a card – seriously kudos! this is cracking me up! – but why do we keep doing cards?

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            Just this week as I was decluttering papers I came across a Father’s day card I gave my husband a few years back. I won’t be giving it to him, but it did cross my mind.

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              I’m an online reseller, and I haven’t had to buy any gifts for family members….I just go through my inventory and wrap it up.

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                My niece and I graduated college a few months apart. She sent me a graduation card and when it was her turn, I sent it back with a note saying “right back at you” we got a kick out of it and did it with birthday cards for years after that. March & May birthdays.

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                  One Christmas, my friend had a gift for my daughter but ran out of Christmas wrapping paper. She ended up using Happy Birthday wrapping paper and wrote Jesus next to it.. so it read “Happy Birthday, Jesus”

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                    My sister and I grew up without a father. Because I was so over protective of her she would always buy me a Father’s Day card… I expect mine this year.

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