Any frugal ideas what I can do for my husband’s birthday and Father’s Day?

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      Also planning my son’s first birthday in 2 weeks so I am tight on funds lol.

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        A home cooked dinner of his choice, probably steak and a 6 your fav drink, a homemade card from your son.

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          Once a bought a deck of cards and on each card I put a reason that I loved him. 52 reasons I love you.

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            I like the ideas already posted and just wanted to add- Walmart has A Birthday Cake that’s $14.99 & they write happy Birthday on it (I think it’s the shape of a heart- seen it on TikTok) hope this helps for cake ideas.

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              Maybe a personalized coupon book for your husband of low cost/ free things he would enjoy. Cook his favorite meal and/ or dessert. Make a card with son’s hand or footprints. Tons of ideas on Pinterest depending on your husband’s interests.

              First birthday parties are typically for the parents/ family. You can bake a cake and do a small one or cupcake for a smash cake. Search garage sales, thrift stores, second hand kid’s stores for a gift/ books for your son.

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                Cook him a meal at home for him get a card from dollar tree make him a personal basket with snacks he like and include a small gift.

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                  Family BBQ for son’s birthday with everyone brings something.

                  Surprised birthday for hubby where everyone brings something. Fathers day make it a day about him with your son. Maybe a family picnic just the 3 of you.

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                    A one year old will not remember. Have a tiny cake and a couple of gifts with close friends and/or family. A couple of snapshots for memorial is all you need.

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