Upgrade Your Hair Care: Investing in Quality Products

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      Let’s talk hair care! I’ve been using drugstore brand hair care all my life to “save money” and it’s literally destroyed my hair. I finally took the plunge and bought a Redken’s line of hair care which isn’t cheap but has done wonders for my dry, brittle hair. You only need a little bit of product and it goes a long way. I feel like I’m saving in the long run because not as much product is needed and it’s a quality product. Something’s just cant be scrimped on.

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        Stores like nordstrom rack, tjmaxx, Marshall’s, Ross all sell higher end shampoos and conditioners for less $$ as well.

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          I got the brand from hair cuttery called Cibu and while $25 each for the smaller bottles killed me, they last almost four months and I was very shocked.

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            Redkin ingredients aren’t that much different then drugstore products. I would suggest researching ingredients. My hair improved when I stopped using sulfates and silicones.

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              Frugal to me doesn’t means not buying quality.

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                If you have a Costco membership, their purple Kirkland shampoo is rebottled Pureology Hydrate and it’s so good – and inexpensive.

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                  I completely agree. Professional range shampoos, conditioners and hair masks work wonders. I swear by Redken and biolage brands. No doubt Redken is getting expensive with each passing year but it’s a good one.

                  I also like to buy high quality skin care products although I like to keep it minimal too.

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                    I switched to Nexus when Redken skyrocketed their prices and Ulta stopped running the good twice a year sales. I get large shampoo/conditioner Nexus at Sam’s Club for about half the price of one Redken bottle. No noticeable difference!

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                      I switched to bar soap and shampoo, and I do get relatively expensive ones, locally handmade. But yes, they last and the condition of my hair and skin is so good I need very little other products to maintain it! For example, I only use hair conditioner once every 10 days maybe, I completely stopped using hand cream, and I also use natural oils for my body and they are always multi-use, also for face and hair ends…

                      I used to bleach my hair blonde, did a lot of perms and baleyages when I was younger, well, you know, the 90s. So, my hair was in awful shape and always in need of an array of care/styling products. Best thing that came out of lockdown for me was no access to my hairdresser and having my roots grow out to the point I was comfortable just chopping the blonde off at the border… came out as a quirky shortish cut and since then I only trim the ends at my hairdresser and only wash it with a shampoo bar daily/every other day… and it has never looked better or healthier!!

                      I’m even getting a lil curl effect at the ends! I always thought my hair was straight like straws, but what do you know!

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                        I only use Redken. I buy the liter bottles and it lasts 8 months or longer. I’ve tried all different brands over the yrs. My hair was not happy with the drugstore shampoos. I’m staying with Redken.

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