How many of you have solar panels?

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      I never considered getting any cause I had heard (some time ago) how hard it is to sell a house with panels. News homes must have panels, it’s the law.

      My electricity bill in CA has gone from $76.00 to $350.00. I’m scared to open last month’s statement.

      Opinions please.

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        You can put panels in your yard, it’s actually easier that way. I built my own stand alone system without permits or tied to the grid. It’s possible to do this, my bill was $12.00 last month.

        I have SCE as a backup.

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          Consider leaving CA. They over regulate the honest and all the dishonest to destroy the state.

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            It was not going to save us much money because we would have had to lease. Worst part is you have to purchase a battery for when you do loose power. Battery life is maybe 2 years, or you could buy a generator, then you will have to store it.

            And our realtor also told us not too. Many of the people in my area have a hard time with the company they leased from coming out to clean the solar panels. Not cleaning them regularly means they won’t absorb sunlight. Not a good idea unless you can pay in full and not lease.

            Best thing is to shop for a new electric company. Shop around in your area. Don’t stick with just one.

            Don’t forget to take a look at: What are your thoughts on solar panels?

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              We bought panels last year and are very happy. We live in Virginia and use net metering. Our electric contract is that for every kwh we send into the grid, we have access to the same quantity draw off the grid (some states you only get 75% of what you send to the grid).

              It’s worth looking into. The regional company I went through said they only install on houses it would be a good fit (bad fit would be too many trees, roof age, space and pitch of roof, etc).

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                We have had solar panels for over 10 years. We bought them. We are not leasing.

                We love having them. I think transferring a lease when selling a house might be the difficulty you heard about.

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                  Firefighters told us that they are charged so they can’t access your roof if the house catches fire. Ask them on that. My electrician hubby says they are correct no way to cut the charge. Not big on adding extra holes to my roof either.

                  Not all contractors are created equal. Not creating roofing issues with my new roof. Next issues the batteries are not cheap. Plus if you oppose environmental harm and the slave labor practices research how those batteries are produced. We still need advancements in battery technology.

                  NC will not let you off the grid even with solar panels. Our power company stopped paying for the power the solar panels supply too. If your property allows panels built on another structure or shed are a better option. I also like the new flower type moving solar devices that move with the sun. Based on your power options we now understand why CA is invading NC now too.

                  YouTube has a lot of great videos on solar and other power options.


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                    I think what you put on/in your house should be YOUR choice, not dictated by the government. My advice is to move to a state that respects home ownership.

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