Does anyone make their own potato chips to save money?

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      They’ve gotten ridiculous in price, but I’m also factoring in the health benefits of being able to use my own oil.

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        Yes, it’s pretty easy to use an air fryer. And much much healthier, well as long as you don’t put too much oil and salt lol I put barely any and don’t put salt.

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          I’ve made chips in my air fryer. It takes little time if you use a madoline slicer and uses no oil. Sweet potato and regular potato are both good. You can vary thickness and seasonings.

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            Yes, I use a mandoline, one potato makes a big batch. I wash wel, don’t peel but slice, wash and dry the slices then fry in sunflower oil. I reuse the oil many times, filter it after every use.

            You can also make sweet potato or plantain chips very easily this way.

            I don’t have a fryer, just on the stove.

            Useful: How do you cook frugally for a man who refuses to eat anything but meat and potatoes?

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              Yes I use a peeler to get them thin and then fry in oil in a cast iron skillet. Only a few cents per serving and not a whole bag to temp you later.

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                We use a mandoline to slice them really thin and then use these microwave gadgets to make surprisingly crisp and delicious potato chips. They’re shockingly good.

                Search for B004Z762VA on Amazon.

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