Unconventional engagement ideas beyond traditional rings? Unique stories or alternatives?

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      Has anyone taken an untraditional approach to engagement?

      I know there are diamond ring alternatives (like lab grown or moissanite), but what other alternatives have people explored? Or has anyone skipped the ring all together and done something different?

      Would love to hear how people have approached this “a little bit differently.”


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        If you choose an alternate stone, just make sure it is not too soft for everyday wear. Otherwise, it will scratch and look dull.

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          This is something you need to be REALLY sure your partner is in agreement on. Sometimes the splurge is worth it.

          That said, a simple gold band is super chic and timeless.

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            I love my sapphire ring.

            I had shown my husband examples just like it online, but he took me to pick out a ring and we bought it at small local vintage jeweler.

            It was much more affordable than buying online.

            Sapphire, rubies, and emeralds were all common engagement ring stones before the diamond campaign took over the market.

            sapphire ring

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              My husband proposed with a loose aquamarine stone mined in our state. Then we designed a ring together. Aquamarine is his birthstone and my favorite color.

              We added a couple of white sapphires. All said, it was under $2K.

              Got our wedding bands on Etsy, but I sometimes wear my grandmother’s wedding band.

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                I have a 1 ct sterling silver cubic zirconia ring that cost about 40 dollars. We can afford diamonds, but I’d rather use money for purpose other than wearing expensive rings on my hands.

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                  I haven’t done it yet but tempted to ditch the ring and get a tattoo, my husband gave me a beautiful custom ring I love when we got married but last year I had anaphylaxis and was afraid the ring would need to be cut off or I would loose my finger from all the swelling, luckily I got it off myself before going to the hospital but have had a hard time mentally wearing rings ever since then. We have been happily married for over 25 years so I don’t fear needing to remove it for the marriage not going well but a tattoo can’t be removed if he dies and I want to date again.

                  That and I hate needles.

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                    That depends on the person you are proposing to!

                    Don’t take a non-traditional approach with a traditional person! Is jewelry something they value, and they will take pride in a fat rock they can show off? Or are they frugal and may get angry if you’ve spent “too much.” What do they value most? Maybe they would like a modest ring so you can instead use the money for a big wedding that the whole family can attend.

                    Or maybe a modest ring and small wedding, and instead put money toward buying your home together.

                    The stones and metal don’t matter, as much as the ring should reflect the person and what they value. This shows that you know the person you are marrying.

                    When you propose, your partner wants to feel truly seen. People don’t freak out about the “wrong” ring because of how much money you spend, but because the wrong ring says, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me, a person who doesn’t get you at all?”

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                      I put my mom’s sapphires from her wedding band into my wedding band. They are quite a strong stone!


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                        Mine is a hand-me-down from my grandmother. My sister’s is moissanite and gorgeous. I’ve also seen really pretty white sapphire rings.

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                          I checked out Etsy for stones and colors I loved and showed him. All were under $500. I’ve had, and have, big fancy diamond rings.. that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to spend money on experiences and our future together.

                          Doesn’t hurt that I like blue-green and black stones.

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                            My mom had a star sapphire as an engagement ring and a simple gold band for the wedding ring. She never wore them together. I’m wearing the star sapphire now. My ring had diamonds repurposed from a grandmother’s ring. Her hand was much bigger than mine, so I reduced the number of stones for my hand.

                            Then I know another girl and it was everything to her that her ring had a heart diamond stone.

                            So, it depends on the person.

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                              Girl! I was married to someone where I had a 10k ring and 30K wedding 20 years ago. That marriage was miserable!!

                              15 years ago I married my now husband. He asked me what kind of and how much I wanted for a ring.

                              I told him that I wanted the 10k husband not ring.

                              He bought me a ring from Kay’s jewelers and it means so much to me! Especially because he embodies everything what a wedding ring signifies!

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