Why are my clothes getting oil-like stains after washing?

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      Why is my clothes coming it with stains when washing? It looks like oil stains. I don’t use Downey or Clorox .. only detergent. any advice please help me.

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        What kind of detergent? Do you use dryer sheets? If you have a washer where you put detergent in the drum, are you allowing the detergent to mix with some water before adding clothes? When was the last time you cleaned your machine? If you have a detergent dispenser, when was that last cleaned? What about the seal on a front loader? When was the filter last drained and cleaned if you have a front loader? Do you sort by color?

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          I have had this with pods, laundry sheets and even the HE liquid detergent! Be sure your washer is not too full!

          I use the max water capacity! I very much dislike my washer n def getting one with an agitator and fills with water! Honestly, I have had best luck with cheap, thin liquid detergent!

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            Most people use too much detergent, if using liquid, it should be no more than 2 tablespoons for a full load.

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              Undesolved laundry pods can cause this, especially if the wahser is very full.

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                Sounds like the pump is gone on your washer. It’ll leave what looks like dark grease stains all over your clothes, and they don’t come out

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                  Fabric softener sheets leave stains on my clothes. I don’t use them anymore, but if you get stains on your clothes, Dawn Powerwash takes them out like magic.

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                    How much are you using? You need no more than 2tbsp per large! Load.

                    But you could have a seal or something mechanical going on your washer, hopefully not! (Or that it’s an easy cheap fix! Might be an easy YouTube tutorial about things, that’s how we fixed something on ours!).

                    But in the meantime.. I’ve had luck with set in stains putting regular dawn (maybe a spritz of power wash if I have some!) on the *dry* garment, then scrubbing it in with a dampened toothbrush. Let it sit a while/overnight, rinse the spot and repeat if necessary. Rinse the soap out WELL before putting into washer!

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                      Your machine may need to be cleaned or you may be using too much detergent. You may also just have oil on your clothes. A drop of dawn dish soap on each spot before washing should remove those.

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                        Forget the downy. Dawn liquid soap fill strength. Let it sit overnight then wash. Check the stain and redue if necessary. DO NOT put it in the dryer as it will set the stain

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                          I add baking soda to each wash as well as pods and scent beads. I leave washer door open at least overnight. Definitely clean your washer.

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                            if you use liquid detergent water it down before putting it in, make sure it does not hit clothes directly, sometimes that can cause issues. I pour the detergent in while the water is filling to be sure it does not hit clothes directly and get mixed in properly.

                            Powder detergent can also cause issues.

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