Recently started using bar soap instead of body wash – But..

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      .. I love it, my skin loves it. But how salvage the tiny bars that are left?

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      Jade D.

        I just put it on top of the new bar and squeeze really hard.

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          Growing up we had a large mason jar under the bathroom sink that we put all those little soap pieces in. Added water to the soap in the jar and then would put our combs and brushes in to soak. After rinsing them off they were so clean.

          Useful: For chemical free flea removal. Taught to me by my 90 year old Father

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            Smush the tiny bar onto the new bar and use as normal.

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              Put all in knee high pantyhose and hang outside by spigot to wash up after gardening or by laundry tub.

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                I read on this sight a couple years ago to just stack the sliver of old soap onto the new one.. so simple but one of my favorite things I learned on here!

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                  just a tip I learned with bar soap from someone in this forum. if you buy multi packs take each bar out of the box as soon as u buy them to let them dry out. they last so much longer once u start using them. I keep mine in a tube sock in my dresser.

                  Also, check out: Where is the best store to buy toilet paper and shampoo, conditioner and body wash?

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                    I have shower gloves. When the bars get small I put them in the palm along with my hand and wash as normal.

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                      I bought a pack of “soap pockets” on Amazon. Pretty inexpensive and has lasted over a year so far with no visible wear. Bonus that I picked an exfoliating pocket version, so my skin is even softer now.

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                        Melt, squeeze, them together as small bars, or squeeze onto larger bar. Also, put in small bowl of water and melt. Put in soap bottle, add water, shake and use for hand soap.

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