Does anyone have experience with Consumer Cellular phone service?

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      I’m thinking of switching to save about $50/mo, but wondering if they will start raising the price after a little while and whether it’s difficult to get customer service.

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        Mint Mobile is the way to go, $15 a month, great service!

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          Used CC for over 10 years. Never a price increase. now have 3 phones as well as home phone.

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            I have them for 2 years.. customer service good but I have bad service where I live. Internet bill still under 50….and I’m not an AARP’s member.

            Useful: What internet company you all have, and if you like/dislike it?

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              They just moved me from T-Mobile towers to Verizon, no change in rates, better coverage. Been with CC for years.

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                Love the service. We have had consumer cellular for about 8 years and they haven’t raised the prices. I have had no problem getting customer service. You want lol save money switching for sure.

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                  I’ve had CC for years. Rarely an issue, very minor increases. Good company..

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                    My friends had it for awhile but switched back to a plan. I have had Tracfone for 15 years, something to consider also. Inexpensive, no contract, just as good features as a contract plan. You choose your own phone, use what you have on hand or buy one to your budget. Keep your cell number.

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                      We’ve had them for about 15 years. No issues. Great customer service. Prices are flat.. no changes.

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                        I’ve had it for years and really like it. $31 for me. I buy my own phone and stick in the SIM. Rate increases have been minimal, but they’ve also increased my data for my plan other times at no cost. The site is very easy to use, you generally don’t have to speak to anyone to change your plan, and can change it any time you like. If you go over one month, they just bump you to the next highest plan for just that month. And I didn’t pay the activation fee most other carriers say you have to pay.

                        Only issue for me is it’s AT&T network, which gets crappy signal in my manufacturing plant (the building and equipment interferes), but I can’t take calls on my cell anyway.

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