How much is everyone paying for cell phone carriers?

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      We’re paying $270 a month for 2 lines and it seems ridiculous. I want to switch to T-Mobile or sprint or something cheaper with decent coverage.

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        T mobile plans has increased recently too so be aware. 2 lines will be about $160-190.

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          We use metro and pay $125 for 5 lines unlimited everything.

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            Recently switched to Mint, 15/m, or if you want $30 for better mb, works the same as my T-Mobile.

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              Consumer cellular runs on AT&T and TMobile towers, and only $65/month for 2 lines unlimited. Recently switched from AT&T and it was fairly easy.

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                $70 per month for 2 lines unlimited data with Visible Wireless, but we own both phones already. Visible is owned by Verizon so same cell towers. Have had no issues so far. Plus we save $10 a month off our Verizon internet service.

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                  $270 for two lines is ridiculous just for service. Does that include phone payments? Other services (“free Netflix”)?

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                    About $150 with AT&T for 3 unlimited lines and 3 new phones. Service is solid where we live and travel. We added my mom after hurricane Ian because she had zero service with her pre-paid plan. We cruised on a boat for many years while I worked from home. Data and voice solid 8-10 miles off shore. Can text about 20 miles off.

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                      I thought mine was insane at $75 or so per mo with Verizon. Was paying $36/mo with xfinity but had to drive 6hrs anytime I needed to go into their customer service center then wait hours to be helped. When I needed a new phone I just switched carriers.

                      If I lived in a larger area I’d totally get mint or republic witless.

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