Has anyone tried and had success with laundry eco sheets instead of detergent?

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      I don’t want to waste a bunch of loads of laundry with ones that don’t work.

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        Hank or John Green made a video about them if I recall that answered questions about em that was informative.

        I’ve used them before and they work though!

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          I use earthbreeze and love it!

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            Powder detergent comes in a cardboard box so that is an option to eliminate waste too.

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              I tried but did not like them. I have a family of six and wanted to do my part but felt they just did not work for my active family.

              I buy laundry soap through a fundraiser instead now. Four five gallon buckets for the year.

              I then use the buckets for our chickens or around the house.

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                Earth breeze is awesome. I love it and I am not putting plastic into landfills.

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                  I use Earth Breeze for my 3 kids and pets. It works really well. If it is a heavy load load, I will use 2 sheets. Even with that, it is less wasteful than using liquid detergents.

                  Plus, my daughter has exema, and using Earth Breeze, she is less itchy.

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                    I have been using them for months and they are great. I use half for lightly soiled and a whole for heavy soiled.

                    I foster dogs and have some heavily soiled items and I have found these work well.

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                      Earth breeze sheets & Blueland tablets are amazing. Just be sure to use a sent booster with them if you’re looking for that “fresh laundry” smell.

                      I work in a restaurant and had to buy gain in addition to my tablets bc of the “steak & potato” smell on my clothes that my husband swears he can smell. Lol.

                      Explore these too: I still need help with the smell when I open my dishwasher

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                        I use Tru Earth and really like them. Partly because they work just fine, and partly they’re so much easier on my arthritic shoulders and hands.

                        Arthritic hack for liquid detergent – have someone fill dish detergent bottles with laundry detergent. Much easier for squirting into the detergent cup.

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                          Love them and wool balls for the dryer.

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                            To add on to what everyone else has said, let’s talk laundry room storage. I used to have a huge bottle of liquid detergent, a bottle of liquid fabric softener, a bottle of bleach, a bottle of non-chlorine bleach, a spray bottle of Shout stain remover and a box of Biz.

                            Now I have a box of detergent sheets, a box of dryer sheets and my box of Biz.

                            My laundry room cabinets now hold mostly canned goods and my laundry related plastic waste is practically zero.

                            Also, check out: Does anyone have a homemade recipe for washing machine cleaner?

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                              love Earth Breeze! was skeptical at first, but it’s life changing. And they set it up on auto refill… try it!

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