What are the consequences of social media influencers living fake lifestyles?

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      What if you knew that most social media influencers aren’t actually living the abundant life they claim? That those cars and houses are rented and they’re over leveraged beyond belief?

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        I think everybody knows that’s is mostly fake. Nobody does advertising for free.

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          Great, more influencer + more leverage = more liquidations if interest rates goes up
          More liquidations = more choices for buyers like us.

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            I control who influences me. The social media content I follow is people who talk about their experiences with Fire, rental property investors, travel and fitness.

            I don’t think any of them are “faking the funk” I’m not sure who the mainstream influences even are these days, nor do I care about them or whatever their message is.

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              I think as grown ups we are well aware of that, but it’s very important that younger people realise this. I’m really worried that there’s this whole new generation that don’t realise that you need to work to pay for all of this. Amazon deliveries do not magically appear at your door every day.

              I know some influencers that have done very well for themselves, and a lot more that haven’t. The ones who did well had to put a lot of hours in to make it pay, but you never see that side online.

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                I thought this was common knowledge. It makes no difference to me but I do regularly remind my teenagers that most of what they see on social media is BS and not to fall for it!

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                  If they are happy living their life then that is the goal.

                  I don’t understand the point of making assumptions about strangers lives and then judging them on your own assumptions.

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                    I could not care less about social media influencers.

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                      I just assume most people are over leveraged beyond belief. I take pride in cheap cars and no car payments!

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                        Wrong crowd. I’d guess most people here both don’t believe it and still don’t care.

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                          It’s a show for entertainment!

                          Why would you believe stuff you see on TV or in TikTok. Might also be helpful for people to know that you can’t actually go get a millennium falcon at a junkyard. Sorry.

                          For real though, I used to drive a Ferrari and would spend time with other Ferrari and Lambo owners.. One guy was a janitor. He was really good with money, saved up, and bought it for cash and maintained himself. A couple guys were genuinely wealthy.

                          A couple could afford them but were car enthusiast so it makes sense…. (I’d put myself in that bucket)… And there’s a good number of them that couldn’t afford it and we’re struggling to make the monthly payments because they were overextended… Some of them REALLY struggling, like boarderline bankrupt.

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