Seeking clutter-free and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas for my husband

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      Hello everyone! As you all know, Valentine’s Day is coming up! I am struggling to get something for my husband that won’t create clutter or won’t cost a fortune. We live in a small home, and we enjoy experiences as presents. For his birthday and our anniversary, I gifted him a laptop and wireless headphones. I am now struggling with Valentine’s Day present.

      I already know I am going to get us some tickets for an experience, but also wanted to include a gift he could open that day. What are some things you gift your spouse you would recommend?

      Thanks in advance!

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        When I was a child my siblings and I would make my mother a homemade coupon book with coupons inside good for chores, hugs, kisses. We decorated the outside and stapled it together. She loved those.

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          My fiance and I have a tradition of making homemade chocolate covered strawberries. We are both in agreement on not spending a lot for Valentine’s Day so it’s always a nice bonding experience instead of something material.

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            If there’s an axe throwing place near you. That was so much fun. We went with our adult kids but you could invite another couple. Also Segways are great fun depending on where you live. Kayaking. Canoeing. A drive to check out little known landmarks in your area that you never seem to have time to see…

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              cooking classes are always fun and you get to enjoy a great meal at the end. Restaurant chefs often do this as PR for their restaurant …. it’s informative, shows you new recipes that you likely won’t do at home and generally speaking really good bang for your $$$.

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                Our anniversary is 4 days before so we really don’t do anything. We usually aim for finding something new to experience together. Either an antique store, new town etc.

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                  It sounds lame, but I bake brownies in a heart shaped pan. Sometimes I decorate it with red icing. Corning but he loves it! Given with a card of course.

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                    My husband used to say ” baby I’m sorry I dint buy you flowers I would love to give you the world” and I told him that the greatest gift he ever gave me was allowing me to wake up next to him every day. He gave me the world.

                    Everything else was just stuff.

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                      Aftershave. I love a man smelling gorgeous! Can wear it for the Experience, it’ll evoke memories of the day x

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                        i always love to bake things for my boyfriend. last year i made heart shaped cookies and this year i think I’m going with cupcakes.

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                          It’s not about gifts. I have been married 38 years and we go to dinner and a movie and just spend a day together. Some times just a walk and dinner.

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                            I make my sweets a valentine. Sometimes silly, sometimes pretty, sometimes copycat a card I saw in the store, but handmade.

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                            YR Hara

                              I’m going to dress up in lingerie and make a mini commercial photoshoot, photoshop some flashy logos, print it onto sticky labels, and stick the label on his favorite 6 pack beer and hot sauce bottles.

                              It’s going to be my brand of beer and hot sauce lol. It’s a gift he will use and won’t cost much for me, and has a lot of thought.

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                                We just don’t buy into that commercialized crap. My husband knows I love him very much. So nothing at Valentine’s Day it’s just stupid.

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                                  Make him a date night board and let him scratch off a date when you’re able to do them. Then it’s always a surprise for you guys.

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                                    My husband and I ran into each other’s backs in the grocery store florist one year and decided to just get the kids something. We’ve done that ever since, at least 20 years.

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                                      Oh! Another idea…

                                      What about a scavenger hunt? You could make it a little tour around town or the area…. Maybe pack a picnic with his favourites and the last stop could be dessert out, or back home and a film he would like.

                                      You could hide clues along the way and include what you appreciate about him.

                                      It costs little, it shows you care, you spend time together, and you make a new memory.

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                                        Silly and fun coupon book for him to redeem nestled in a basket or little bucket filled with Hershey kisses and hugs.

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                                          We don’t do gifts. We go to a nice dinner together a few days before or after the actual holiday to avoid the crowds and up charges.

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                                            Your time and full loving attention is the most valuable thing you can give to the one you love.

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                                              Take him on a day adventure. Pack a picnic lunch, thermos, and favorite beverage. Visit some nature. River walk, waterfalls, art galleries, gardens, or museums in a near by town. During summer canoe, kayak, boat races, lake fun etc.Pack a gift basket of snacks he likes. bake cookies.. Have everything loaded up in car. Just make sure dress for weather. Going to see new sights is a memory maker. Blanket for that Lovers Lane visit….

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                                                My husband and I also like to do experience gifts! I decided to make him a notebook with tickets, or clues to what our experience will be!

                                                This was for our anniversary, so I did a gift each month but he got to open the notebook with either a clue or the already purchased tickets in the binder!

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                                                  Cooking a nice dinner or baking something yummy is always my go to.

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                                                    It sounds quite exhausting and complicating to me. Choose something low key together and learn to be content with one another instead of topping the last gift with more stuff. Keep it simple and intimate.

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                                                      And not everyone who misses work 3x a year can afford to stay home. I worked many many times when I was sick and should have been in bed. Why? Because if I didn’t work I didn’t get paid. If I didn’t get paid, my kids might not have eaten.

                                                      Now, with that said, I worked for that company for very close to 11 years. I had to BEG for a raise because I did my job & pretty much three other girls’ jobs. My area manager gave a raise to a slack **** who threatened to go to a competitor company. When I asked, Nope there was no money for me. When my manager told me that I flew off the handle about the slackster getting a raise when she couldn’t even count on him to come to work, let alone come clean & sober.

                                                      I ended up leaving that job because no matter how hard I worked, no matter who else let me do their job, no matter how many times I cried on the clock, I was the instigator or drama.

                                                      After all I did for them, I got pushed aside and never thought of again.

                                                      I believe your post also said that your job will replace you your family can’t. I will never get those 11 years 10+ months back. Those nights I worked and missed my kids last years of growing up, those years my husband rarely saw me. I’ll never be able to give any of them what they missed so I could be taken advantage of at a dead end job.

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                                                        Talk to your husband and agree to forgo gifts. It’s just an unnecessary day. You should show your love for each other daily, not just once a year.

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                                                          You don’t need to buy gifts, Valentine’s Day is just a marketing ploy to spend. If you feel you have to mark your relationship then just cook nice meal and enjoy it together

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