What are cheap and creative Valentine’s Day ideas for a partner?

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      What y’all doing for/with your bae for Valentine’s Day? I need some ideas lmao especially things that are cheaper/more heartfelt but I’m open to anything so hit me up! Just trying to make it special for us without going broke.

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        If I were to buy someone chocolates, I’d go to Dollar Tree. These “Palmer” chocolates are as good as any high dollar candy!

        (I’ve been “testing” them for y’all!)


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          I’m lucky. My husband and I don’t believe in valentine’s day. But I get my son’s a sm chocolate heart.

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            We both recognize that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday for the purpose of creating spending. That being said, I usually take the time to write out a long heartfelt note (that says you’re my favorite butthead to endure this chaos with), and cook a meal we both love.

            We turn off phones for the evening, put on a fire, and do something fun/silly together.

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              I got this little mini mailbox at the dollar store, along with some valentine cards for kids and some chocolate. Everyday this month until the 14th he will find a card and a chocolate.

              Cheesy but fun.


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                New to my relationship so I made question cards to get to know each other better. Then we’re getting mani pedis and a nice dinner after.

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                  Stay in and cook something special and watch a funny sweet movie together.

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                    Making chocolate covered strawberries and cooking dinner… we’re using the free babysitting coupon we got from our in-laws.

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                      I have to work that evening womp. I will have his fave dinner waiting in the crockpot and fave dessert in the fridge for him to enjoy that evening. And leave him a sweet card and candy. But that’s about it. We wouldn’t do much more even if I was off.

                      This day isn’t really important to us.

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                        He makes me breakfast in bed (well, he makes it for both of us to share!) and I make dinner he likes (meatloaf is one of his favorites…) and light a pair of candles while we eat and reminisce about meeting each other and what has delighted and surprised us over the years…followed by a celebratory kiss and whatever may follow from that.

                        We use this made-up holiday as an excuse to connect a little more deeply each year.

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                          Our anniversary is also in February, so we splurged and went to see a movie and had dinner. Before marriage we celebrated a few days after Valentine’s Day and just bought clearance candy.

                          I have also gone to hallmark, and we pick favorite card(s) for the other to read to get the sentiment of a greeting card without spending the money.

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                            The day has religious significance to me (St. Valentine) so I usually like to make everything as hand made as possible to not buy into the consumerism aspect.

                            Handmade cards, movies, even a two day road trip of some sort are all great ideas.

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                              He is working doubles, so I’ll binge watch tv and snack. last year we went to our camp for the weekend and did a winter hike to a frozen waterfall then made dinner together and snuggled up by the fire.

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                                My husband will be away for work but if he were I’d start with omelets and mimosas, binge watch a new series together on the couch by the fire. Probably grill steaks for dinner.

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                                  Nice dinner, love song playlist, decorations form dollar tree, maybe a movie at home alone.

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                                    Been trying to figure this out myself. I don’t know what he’s got planned, this is our first Valentine’s Day together so I have no idea what to expect. I’m definitely having anxiety over this. I bought a card and am going to get some edibles.

                                    I was looking into tickets to a comedy club but I’m still Covid positive so I’m thinking something at home would be best.

                                    Maybe I’ll just do the card and candy and let him figure out the rest?

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                                      My husband and I made a valentine’s mailbox last year, and we drop eachother a note (in pink or blue pen so we know who’s is who’s) every morning. On Valentine’s Day we open them up and read them all!

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                                        We just go out on a date (usually dinner) but just something fun together that is not more money than we would normally spend on a date. No gifts. We only do gifts for Christmas.

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                                          We also make twinkle hearts with strawberries, it’s kind of like strawberry shortcake.

                                          Not my picture, just found it as a reference lol

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                                            Cook his favorite food/treat. By candelite. His favorite music. Play a fantasy game… each put 5 things you each want done to yourselves. In a jar.. then play..♡

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                                              My rescue is offering custom valentine’s day boxes so people get Valentine’s Day in one package and get to support homeless parrots. I think it is fun way todo something different.

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                                                I have ‘heart attacked’ my husband every Valentines day since we started dating. I do it to my kids now too.

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                                                  I live in the USA and my boyfriend lives in Germany so we can’t spend it together. He loves geese so I crocheted him a goose oven mitt. I also took a globe and glued yarn connecting Florida and Germany on it. I’m painting our cities and the distance between us on the base and attaching a poem about long distance relationships called “4000 Miles” to it.

                                                  Along with those, I bought a very small oil painting of the beach to mail to him.

                                                  He’s not going to get any of it before Valentines Day, but that’s fine.

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                                                    So I’ve been eyeing those airstreams for years now. Even a vacation in one is never gonna happen but I found a restaurant with a retro decorated airstream. Food got great reviews so we are going to take a destination drive, have an early dinner there (not too pricey) and drive back home.

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                                                      Grabbing our favorite appetizers to go and driving down to the beach to watch the sunset together.

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                                                        We are working on finishing our basement.

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                                                          He’s going to be knee deep in his new semester in college. I’m thinking of finding things that will make his study time nicer. Maybe some coffee, new pens (he has a hang up about spending money on the nice pens and notebooks but always looks at them longingly)

                                                          He had surgery chocolates and alcohol cause physical pain in his stomach so those are out.

                                                          We also have a toddler, he is exposed to a lot of germs at work and I’m pregnant so going out is also out of the question.

                                                          Most of the time, we don’t do many gifts on the typical holidays either. Makes it hard to come up with ideas lol.

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                                                            We usually get some Wagyu steaks, lobster, champagne, cakes, and have a fancy dinner at home rather than spending. But we love to eat!

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                                                              It’s a Tuesday. So we will be schlepping kids to the dentist.. then school (of course we both will head to work during our free time) then soccer for one swim for the other .. topped off w hockey for both an hour away. (Dinner in the car or once we get there)

                                                              Hubby and I will have a happy hour beverage in the bar above the rink while we catch up.

                                                              We usually get home after 10:30.

                                                              It’s one of our busier days (Tuesday that is). And we don’t both have to go but we like to see each other for a little bit and love to watch the boys play. Well I do and hubby loves me so he goes too.

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                                                                We don’t celebrate it, it’s very much a commercialized holiday and has no meaning for us. But I guess just a card.

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                                                                  We are doing our divorce papers.

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