Need a quick and inexpensive idea for Valentine’s Day for my hubby

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      Y’all I’ve slacked big time this year. I now need a quick and inexpensive idea for valentine’s day for my hubby. Normally I can be quite creative, but I’m drawing a blank. $20 max as we are pretty broke right now. 

      He is into D&D, Star Wars, Pokemon, he’s a gamer, drives a septic truck for a living, hates the outdoors.

      I can sew, crochet and have a cricut with limited vinyl. I have tons of yarn and fabric.

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        Yes, make his favorite pie. Serve it with a little bit of flourish and tell him that he’s wonderful. Then, give him a big slice of it to take in his lunch or snack.

        He gets to remember then again how much you love him.

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          Brownies are my husbands favorite even more so if made with cream cheese. I’d say a lovely dinner, great dessert even better if it’s heart shaped and a card!

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            Favorite candy bar and drink. Make his favorite dinner, curl up on the couch together and watch a movie. You don’t have to spend money to show love. If you don’t want to use $ on electricity for the movie, lay there and rub each others feet and talk, or don’t talk! put some candles on.

            What’s his love language? Words of affirmation, time spent together…? Focus more toward that.

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              Crochet yourself the Princess Leia outfit and let him unravel it. (Cost- none because you already have it and can reuse the yarn. Value? Priceless.

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                Cooking favorite foods trumps gifts in my family. Apple pie is always a favorite.

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                  How about gaming time with his favorite treats?

                  My hubs absolutely loves this when he doesn’t have a honey do list and I just let him have him time for a couple hours and he gets all his fav snacks. Maybe reach out to a buddy so they can game together.

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                    I would say make him something! You have yarn and skill. Look up free patterns for the characters he likes. Use the money on his favorite drink that he normally doesn’t splurge on. Surprise him with the drink by serving it with dinner unexpectedly. And if you really want to go big…make something different for dinner, add a candle to your table and use your nicer table settings to bring the restaurant vibe home.

                    I feel like it would be a perfect combo of Valentine’s Day by incorporating the sweetness of a playful crocheted gift, making him feel spoiled by the higher priced drink, and romantic setting for dinner.

                    I see Valentine’s Day as a day to remind your partner that you adore them and appreciate them so thoughtfulness is key.

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                      I like making scavenger hunts for people who will find them fun. Items can be love notes or small trinkets but the fun is in the adventure of it.

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                        This year I bought Reese’s thins for him and I’m giving him a back massage. Oh and I’m making steak and sushi for dinner on Valentine’s.

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                          Make him a nice dinner. Buy some strawberries OR BACON and some Ghiradelli chips. Slowly heat the chocolate to melting then dip clean, cold strawberries (or delicious, crispy, bacon) in chocolate. You can drizzle different chocolates over the other chocolate (ex: white over milk or dark) by dipping a fork in the chocolate.)

                          He’s not 10. If he wants games, he can buy them himself.

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                            I have a heart shaped cake pan and make a cake for my hubby every year and put the little conversation hearts on top for the decoration.

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                              D20 shaped dice bag out of fabric, a crocheted chain for a drawstring put the numbers on with vinyl and then have the inside say critical hit in vinyl (bonus points if it looks like the dm book fonts)

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                                Start the Morning with a loving note by his coffee make can if cinnamon rolls.., take a picture of you have , Walgreens, Walmart print /frame it put on key fob, Do wallet size -Embroider or personalize his pillowcase Dinnertime set a beautiful table… be datetime dressed elevate meal with food presentation Heart shaped meatloaf, cut whole carrots into long planks sprinkle peas red skin Mashed Potato chocolate mousse or pudding with shaved chocolate & a strawberry or whatever meal he loves

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                                  Girls, we all know what they want for Valentine day.

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                                    I made my husband a dice box for D&D. Got a pine box from craft store. Put felt on the inside. Stained the box and you can use your circuit for a design for the top.

                                    You can also put dry erase on the top inside so he can make notes or keep track of points etc.

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                                      Make him a dice bag. And get him a new set of dice to add to his collection.

                                      Make him a shirt. My husband’s favorite says “love potion does not equal consent”.

                                      If you play as well ask him to play a one shot campaign with just the two of you. If you have any experience DMing then make an imersive one shot/scavenger hunt. Let him slay the dragon and rescue the princess (you) who is ever so grateful.

                                      Make traditional tavern style food for dinner.

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