What are cheap and cute Valentine’s Day gifts for school staff?

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      I need help with something… My boss wanted our school staff to have a board of Valentine envelopes (like we had on our desks as kids on Valentine’s Day, remember those?). Now we have to put Valentine’s “stuff” in them for each other. There are 83 staff members. Is there something you can think of to put in the envelopes that won’t break the bank but are cute? This is not in my budget!

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        Homemade cookies can be made very inexpensively. Cut bookmarks with cute sayings. Cheap lollipops. Really anything. You can spend aa much or as little as you want. Basic craft supplies are probably already provided at school. You can make “coupons” for everyone with sayings such as “redeem for a free hug” a smile. Company during lunch, help judging science fair, etc. Etc

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          I feel like people are overthinking this. She says “we have to put Valentine ‘stuff’ in ENVELOPES” (like when we were kids) I don’t understand all the suggestions that wouldn’t even fit in an envelope. Put a valentine in! Buy a bag of heart suckers and put one in each. Something very small. (Or, as others have suggested, don’t do it at all. Who’s gonna know?)

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            A handwritten recipe. Little Debbie snack cakes. Small bags of chips from the multi pack. Pencil or eraser. A little Epsom salt in a baggie with a note to relax in a nice bath. A stick of gum. A tea bag. A pack of kool aid. A bandaid. A plastic spoon and fork in a baggie. A paper lace doilie. An individually wrapped piece of hard candy. An oatmeal packet. A small box of raisins. A pony tail holder. A pretty ribbon cut from an inexpensive spool. A gift tag. A balloon – not blown up.

            Just from a large bag of balloons. A colorful straw. A sticker. A safety pin.

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              How wonderful of the boss to try and bring some cheer into the office! That is going above and beyond! Print Valentine’s from Clipart on the work computer and they won’t cost a thing…or paint 83 little stones red or pink, then draw a smiley face on them……don’t have paint?

              Use old nail polish!….of buy a book of construction paper from a dollar store and cut out hearts of all colours.

              Lots of fun to be had at next to no cost and very good for the soul. Include a couple of friends or family members to help make their and have a fun time doing that, too.

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                I would make a donation to a homeless shelter , or an animal shelter on behalf of your school. Then place one note ‘a donation to ‘shelter’ was made on behalf of all of you. Thank you for all that you do’

                This will save on the environment, your time, and be heartfelt.

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                  School Valentine cards with a couple of those ghastly candy hearts that taste like chalk and have writing on them enclosed in the envelope. If you have the time and inclination to read the writing on the candies you could try to personalize the hearts….

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                    It sounds like your boss is trying to boost morale! It’s a cute idea, and gives you something to look forward to! They have tons of small things at Walmart.

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                      You can go old school too. Go to Dollar Tree, grab:

                      • 4 boxes of Valentine’s Day cards (24 in each)
                      • 2 bags of lollipops (Or even better get the cards that come with suckers in them). For $5 you can have more than you need!
                      • —some candy bags and candy to fill also works too. Candy bags are like 24 in a pack (maybe 12).
                      • Make a small little candy bag for each.

                      That’s what I do for my 3 kids classrooms each year!

                      Also, check out: Valentine’s Day Tip-get to your local Dollar Tree ASAP

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                        You can buy a bag of 100 stick on felt hearts at dollar tree. Stick on a strip cut from index cards and say Happy Valentine Day or something like that. Makes a cute book marker. $1.25 to $2.50 for the whole staff. Yes, time will be involved but sounds like the boss wants to boost morale. Sounds like a nice place to work.

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                          Also, buy valentine candy and give 1 piece each. Something individually wrapped. Fortune cookies…….all good for a laugh too!

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                            I’d write a note for each one saying something personal. If you don’t know them well enough to do it, just put in a heart. Otherwise, there are cute things you cane make on Pinterest like a roll of Smarties saying “ you’re so smart” or a rubber band saying “you’re the one that holds it all together “.

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                              If you do not want to do it you should not.

                              If the school was so eager to make you do it they would have provided you with the sum.

                              Everybody knows how difficult it’s been for the past 2 years for many.

                              That’s a big number there.

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                                I probably sound like a Scrooge, but I hate doing gifts. I mean, I buy for my kiddos, but for that we try to do experiences not just a bunch of hoodies and junk. Otherwise, I feel people just spend their time buying the cheapest thing they can get to give as a way of meeting their “obligations”. Why waste the money?

                                As for what to put- do you have a sizzix or cricut something similar? I would just cut our hearts and out a nice message on each.

                                B.T.W. 😀 Explore these too: How to ask a college student to be your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day on a budget?

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                                  Paper hearts with a little message. Personal for friends or people at work who make your life better.. just a heart felt thank you. Basic for others. Use the school construction or bulletin paper.

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                                    I remember one year my mother found an idea in a magazine where you cut out paper hearts and punch two holes to slide a pencil through. You should be able to find valentines pencils in packs at Walmart or the dollar store. Cute and useful and something not candy (which I’m sure you’ll receive a lot of).

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                                      I’d buy a bag of conversation hearts and divvy up into small baggies.
                                      Do you have to give to everyone?! That’s a LOT!!!

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                                        While this is cute, it is inappropriate to require this of people so I hope it isn’t a requirement.

                                        I would make up a valentine poem that thanks my colleagues and also announces in a funny way that you don’t need their valentines but just a wave hello (or something). I would staple my envelope closed so nothing could be put in it and would tack my poem to the front. That would be my kind way of refusing to spend my time and energy on this silliness.

                                        Then I would recommend that instead of giving candy and silliness to each other, perhaps those who want to donate $1-2 to a good cause might be a more rewarding effort each holiday and then let the group vote on which cause all of the money goes to. To me, that’s a WAY better Valentine than 83 pieces of whatever.

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                                          Get some Red card stock paper, then cut out hearts and punch a whole and attach white ribbon to make bookmarks.

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                                            You could take white printer paper. Take a heart cookie cutter. Trace around it. Cut out the hearts. Write thungs inside like the candy with short messages. Put a tiny bit of glue and glitter around the edges and consider it done.

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                                              I get some colored index cards. Decorate with stamps or heart punches and put on the cards!

                                              Something like:

                                              • “Valentine, I’m so glad we’re in the same school.” This would be cute with a bag of Goldfish crackers. Just use a Ziploc snack bags & get the bulk goldfish.
                                              • “We go together like cheese and crackers.” This would be cute with a snack-size Ziploc bag of Cheese-Its.
                                              • “You are a “beary” special friend.” Pair with a small Ziploc bag of gummy bears, or even Teddy Grahams. Gummy bears can purchased in huge bags that you can then divvy up.
                                              • “You’re such a smartie!” Attach a roll of Smarties candies.
                                              • “You’re off the hook!” Pair this saying with a small Ziploc bag of gummy worms.. remember you can buy huge bags of these.
                                              • “Valentine, I “chews” you.” Pair this with gum.
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                                                Yes lil heart cut outs with encouraging words on them maybe a lil Hershey’s kiss.

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                                                  This seems utterly ridiculous. But if I were to participate I would make homemade sugar cookies and put one in each. I don’t know any adults that want more little things in their houses that just add clutter.

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                                                    It’s a school. Use their supplies to make the board. Buy a bag of chocolates. Not that big of a deal. Sounds like your boss wants the staff to have fun.

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                                                      This whole Valentine’s Day gift giving is getting out of hand. First lovers (I get that), then husband wife, boyfriend girlfriend, I get that, schoolkids to schoolkids (I get that), but now boss tells staff to get eachother something…..I don’t get that.

                                                      I feel for the person who is supposed to buy something for 83 people, but this is getting ridiculous. Fortunately there are many good suggestions from many of you. I wouldn’t know of one to add.

                                                      Have you seen: Home cooked dinner under $20 for 5 adults and dessert for Valentine’s Day

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                                                        Copy and paste a valentine’s day inspirational quote/message from the internet multiple times on an 8.5×11 piece of paper.

                                                        Make copies, cut and tape/staple a piece of individually wrapped candy on it.

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                                                          That’s kind of crazy. Does everyone need 83 valentines? They should have drawn names or something. That seems like a morale killer not a booster.

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                                                            Go to Walmart and grab a couple bags of pretzel rods and a bag of chocolate chips. Melt chocolate and dip rods, lay on rack and cover in sprinkles (if you have them, not needed). You can saran wrap or buy inexpensive cellophane bags at dollar tree.

                                                            All this with bags would cost roughly $10.

                                                            Consider browsing: Need ideas for a home-cooked, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner?

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                                                              Buy a value pack or two of colored pens, cut out hearts from colored paper. Punch a hole on each side of the heart. Poke the pen through the heart like a cupid’s arrow.

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                                                                Sometimes, I have to set some boundaries. This would be one of those times. Why does this boss think he/she can pull on other’s finances and time in this manner? Unreasonable request. People do to us what we allow them to do.

                                                                That being said, since you have decided to participate, I hope you work it out.

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                                                                  You should not be expected to dig into your purse for 83 people who are not your Valentine – that’s totally ridiculous. I doubt you love em all. But if you want to be seen as a team player – put a Valentine sticker or just don’t play the game – you don’t have to!

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                                                                    Is it voluntary or compulsory? I feel you. I didn’t see valentine’s day so much of a big deal until this year. My kids’ teachers set up something like this for their classes ~~ “Valentine mailbox for each student” So I had to buy items that my kids will giveaway to their classmates. It wasn’t part of my budget too but I don’t want my kids to feel left out.

                                                                    I was thinking of making artwork projects that my kids could do but I don’t have the time to guide them. I ended up buying keychains. I know these will all be in the landfill in a few days. consumerism at it’s finest!

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                                                                      I would buy a bag of individually wrapped lifesavers and tape to an index card that read You’re a lifesaver!

                                                                      Or purchase a box of tea and cut out a tea cup or teapot and tape the tea bag with a message that says You’re my cup of tea.

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                                                                        With a staff THAT large, I can’t imagine anyone is expected to give everyone something. I’m guessing you’d just exchange with teachers in your same grade, and helpers.

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                                                                          If your school has a die cut machine. Make bookmarkers. Get some sheets of pretty/fun scrap book cardstock. Then die cut a little shape at the top center. Tie a ribbon or piece of yarn or jute thru the cut out shape.

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                                                                            1. This is a costly and inappropriate idea to “boost morale.” I’d get others on board with talking to your boss
                                                                            2. This is going to end up with everyone getting cheap, junky candy or plastic toys and paper Valentine’s that’s instantly chucked in the trash, furthering our trash on Earth AND not being the morale booster they hoped for
                                                                            3. If they REALLY wanted to do something, this is when an office lunch pizza party would be appropriate, for those that wish to attend.

                                                                            I’m sorry that you have to deal with this, but nip it in the bud now or you’ll be in the same situation next year.

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                                                                              I would get like regular valentines day cards with the lollipops! Too bad they don’t have ones with adult sayings.. you could make your own to be funny though!!!! Actually they had those adult valentines card/memes going around on fb.. you could recreate them.. I might just do this now! Lol!

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                                                                                Your “boss” should do it for the staff, not the other way round. I wouldn’t do it. Teachers have enough to do!

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                                                                                  I would simply not participate and would not feel one tiny little bit guilty.

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