Valentine’s Day Tip-get to your local Dollar Tree ASAP

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      Did you know you can preorder Valentine’s Day balloons so you get the best pick & cutest ones. Did you know that they have some pretty awesome choices too, but popular ones like characters & kids ones go fast. It’s a little secret most people don’t know about. Prices are going up, so they will be $1.25 each but still an awesome buy.

      We pair it with a sweet homemade/handwritten card to each kiddo & make a special meal at home & have fancy homemade dessert (using budgeted grocery money) They didn’t have them displayed yet at my store but they have them in boxes, ( just ask if they have them yet & if you can look to order) they let me look through, then they give me a slip to fill out with my name & when I plan to pick up & they put the balloons I choose with that paper, I walk in on pick up day, pay for my balloons & leave. It’s so easy!

      I saw paw patrol, baby shark, spider man, a cool rose, a ufo type thing, shark, panda I think & a dog. Then tons of just heart ones.

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        I don’t know about that. Feels like absolutely unnecessary spending. Besides, Valentine’s day used to be a special day for couples, I feel uneasy now that it’s suddenly everybody’s celebration, especially kids.

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          What a nice way that you make the day special for everyone. I bet the homemade notes will be kept longer than you think.

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            In Australia Valentines Day is very much reserved for romantic love, so no fuss otherwise!

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              Thank you so much for sharing.

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