Are vegetables safe if left unrefrigerated overnight?

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      Hi, I was ordered to eat healthier and I cooked bunch vegetables yesterday and forgot to put in fridge after. Then this afternoon I realized “my veggies” still in pot covered with water and on stove covered. Are they still good for you if they are not in fridge? Go bad?

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        My mother-in-law left EVERYTHING out & I never saw anyone get sick. Smell them & decide.

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          No. Do not eat.

          Also, if you’re supposed to be eating healthy, don’t boil the veggies unless you’re going to drink the broth/water too because a lot of the nutrients leach out into the water/broth.

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            I wouldn’t risk it…

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              I would drain off water, pop them in air fryer or oven for a bit to crisp them up and eat them.

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                They should be fine, just mushy.

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                  They likely taste gross now. Just lightly steam what you’re going to eat right then instead of making a ton at once.

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                    I just threw away asparagus I left in the pot yesterday so I feel you’re pain but toss it. Even a tummy ache isn’t worth it but you could get sicker than that.

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                      Put them on a sheet pan in the oven and see if you can try them out. Healthy eating is a mindset. Make tasty recipes. Roasted carrots, mashed sweet potatoes with sugar free maple syrup. Sounds like you were preparing vegetables, and your heart was not in it. A pan of water. Forgot to remove.

                      Did you really give your best effort to the life change you need to make for a healthier lifestyle?

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                        Probably could but I wouldn’t. They would be all waterlogged and tasteless and most likely have built up bacteria that could be touchy.

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                          Being cooked should be OK other than nutrient value not worth the values you are looking for.. we need our bodies to build up antibodies to fight health crap in todays world… shouldn’t kill you make you sick, but again the nutritional value drained in water…. steam veggies eat fresh.

                          Even try the 8 greens on the market…. love them.

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                            Bacteria starts to grow on food left at room temperature after an hour or so.

                            I wouldn’t eat anything that’s been left out since the day before.

                            It may not taste bad or funny but can still make you very sick.

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                              Vegetables should still be good.

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