We had a sudden death in the family and I’m looking for cheap food ideas

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      One that we will do is chicken salad, my BJ’s sells large whole chickens for $5, 2 of those would make a ton.

      I’m thinking meatballs but pre made are nasty and expensive. My recipe require good Parmesan cheese but I guess I could use the shelf stuff

      I haven’t had many, just 1 really offer to help with food.

      Any ideas you have are greatly appreciated!!! Only expecting 30-50ppl

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        A big pot of chili with

        burger meat and kidney

        beans and rice on the side.

        It is easy to make and


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          I always recommend spaghetti. Two ingredients and cheap for a crowd.

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            Pot luck. Ask people to bring a dish.

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              Baked ziti is my go-to crowd pleaser.

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                My go to is pulled pork in crock pot and rolls and lots of salads on ice. You can make ahead, super easy, keeps warm, is covered, and the salads fill you up as well and better yet, let people who offer to help bring a salad.

                Useful: I have 50 dollars for food for the next two weeks – So..

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                  Idk your budget, but I have a big family and I’m a pastor’s wife so we do a lot of big dinners. We have a supermarket called Yokes and I can get fried chicken there for almost $1 per piece. 32 pieces is just over $34 and we have even done 160 pieces and it was $167. Much easier than buying and cooking it all yourself.

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                    One of my family’s favorite recipes is super cheap and easy it sounds weird but really good it’s called pop chicken we use chicken legs buy you can use any kind really but all you do is pour 1 full 2 liter of Coke in a big pot add one to two small bottles of of ketchup boil add water boil the chicken until the bone and tell the bones fall off if you want some spice you can add seasoning never meet a kid that wouldn’t eat it and adults like it too

                    You can check also: Yes, Food prices have gone up.. But because of the economy stores are also in competition..

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                      My husband passed away in March. I was also extremely sick with bronchitis that week. I made the decision to not have food. It took so much stress off of me to not have to coordinate food for that day. People did offer to help me, but I explained that as sick as I was, I was just not up to making, ordering, or cleaning up any food. Everyone understood.

                      You could also just do chips, finger veggies, and dips along with water if you wanted something for them to eat. It doesn’t have to be a meal.

                      Prayers for you and your family.

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                        I’m so sorry for your families loss. Thoughts and prayers to you all.

                        You could get 2 full hams. Take to the meat counter as to cut in half long ways then about quarter inch pieces. A simple reheat in a little liquid and that’s all. Simple, fast, and easy. A gallon can of corn or green beans, rolls, and potatoes. Or you could get 2 pork shoulders cook overnight at 250 covered for 10hrs or so. Turn oven off leave pork on oven untouched for 2hrs. Pull out and it’ll fall right apart for pulled pork sandwiches. Or you can smoke it. I do both ways depending on what I feel like doing.

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                        Jo Wallace

                          I use the container Parm in my meatballs. It won’t be as strong of a flavor but it does add flavor and moisture. I bake my meatballs.

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