Any recommendations for the best, most absorbent, brand of cloth diapers?

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      I’m in search of the best brand of cloth diapers that are highly absorbent and come with inserts and snaps. Can anyone recommend a reliable and effective brand that meets these criteria?

      I’m looking for diapers that are durable, easy to use, and offer excellent leakage protection.

      Any personal experiences or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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        Bought all mine second hand (except 2 from lil’ helper). Mostly Alva and they are good and get the job done. Use thirsties hemp (x3) inserts overnight.

        I plan on getting a few more from lil’ helper when they have a good sale.

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          Noras nursery is my favorite! The detergent makes a huge difference in how absorbent any brand will stay.

          Charlie’s laundry soap powder is the best price/product I have found!

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            I used ALVABABY for a year, I think. Cute patterns, terry cloth inserts. We only stopped using them because our boy outgrew them extraordinarily fast, but they’re hugely adjustable. My son came out wearing 3 month size lol.

            High resale value.

            I loved them and would do cloth diapers all over again.

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              Nope. But I LOVE that you are focusing on quality vs cheapest.

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                I had a blend of Alva, Flips, and Smart Bottoms and they all worked pretty much the same for us. All of them lasted through two kiddos and I recently passed them onto a friend.

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                  I bought my grandsons diapers. We tried so many. My daughter’s favorites were smart bottoms and Blueberry simplex. She said they leaked the least. We started out with bumgenious because we live within range of STL where they are from and went to the stores used diaper sales.

                  They don’t have many cute prints but I did love the stretchy tabs. She hated stuffing the pockets.

                  Smart Bottoms has so many cute prints and I see there are some great sales on them right now.

                  They are so easy to use. When they are new the cotton doesn’t absorb well, they need to be washed about 10 times to reach max absorbency.

                  There are diaper groups you can join to buy new and used diapers.

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                    I loved thirsties brand (I believe from Target) and Apple Cheeks! The absorbency will come from the type of insert you use, microfiber being the least absorbent and hemp being the most. If you’d like to PM me, I’m actually getting ready to sell my stash and can send you pics of what I have for diapers, inserts and wet bags.

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                      Bought my daughter and her cousin diapers from Green Mountain. They have a nice selection of cloth diapers and covers. They have covers with extra snaps that increase the age range of the covers. Also sometimes have seconds, cloth diapers with slight blemish but still good.

                      If you’re watching your budget.

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