Best companies to shop for homeowner’s insurance?

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      ‘m currently in the process of shopping for homeowner’s insurance and would like to hear about people’s experiences with various insurance companies. Which insurance providers have you found to offer the best coverage, rates, and customer service?

      I’m particularly interested in hearing about any positive or negative experiences you’ve had with specific companies.

      Your insights and recommendations would be greatly appreciated as I navigate this process.

      Thank you in advance for your input!

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        be sure to look at their claims ratings. that is when you need them the most & you don’t want a company who will try to get out of paying the claim or anything like that. like glenette said, your insurance is only as good as your agent.

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          Use a broker agency and tell them what you want. They will shop for you.

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            Run from State Farm and Allstate. There has been a ton of litigation and homeowner frustration with claims. I am a roofing contractor and feel Mercury, Safeco and LiMu have been the best lately in my area.

            And, make sure you have an agent instead of doing it online. If you do it online, you run a great risk of being under covered and not having all of the different coverages you need such as building and ordinance.

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              Auto Owners. You have to use a broker to get to them. They are highly rated.

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                Bundle with other items u insure, always remember your insurances is only as good as your agent. We have had State Farm for 53 years.

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                  American National! They offer up to 25% cashback after 3 years claim free; then every year after for having home and auto bundled together.

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