What is your go to HYSA and why?

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      Currently have Marcus by Goldman Sachs but I heard some negative stuff. Curious about everyone’s experience.

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        I use Discover, their customer service is excellent and their web interface is simple and intuitive to use.

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          Vanguard Federal Money Market. 5.07%.

          You called them to request a checkbook and if you need your money you can either do an electronic transfer or write a check.

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            Capital One. Because “no fees, no minimums” and no problems in well over 20 years!

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              I’ve moved significant funds in and out of Marcus and it’s been fine. In fact, one of the reasons Marcus is one of my preferred HYSAs is because funds transferred out seem to appear in my checking out faster than transfers with some other HYSAs.

              Also, I like that Marcus allows larger transfers than some others.

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                Y’all please stop telling people on Beyoncé’s internets where you keep your money.

                Lots of scammers on these boards just looking for clues (not to say original poster is…but I work in brokerage and we have constant problems with people stealing email addresses and creating fake accounts etc.) it’s just not a good idea.

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                  CFG Bank is giving me over 5% in a money market account. I think you have to keep $1500 in there to avoid a monthly fee. No DD or required monthly card spend.

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                    VUSXX. Went that route as I already had a Vanguard account and didn’t want to open another bank account.

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                      Ally Bank and Capital One, excellent customer service, easy transfers, and user-friendly apps/websites.

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