What are the tips in managing the family income wisely?

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      I’m becoming a foster parent for an infant soon. Or will be waiting till the call comes. Any tips on saving money? Currently it’s my husband and I and our dog. We’ve never been parents before.

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        If this is a child who is still in state’s custody they will likely be eligible for a lot of benefits and your family should get a monthly stipend to cover basic necessities. I would network with other families and your agency as much as possible to keep expenses low!

        I used to work in foster care.

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          But second hand everything except car seats and medical care items: e we use cloth diapers as well all second hand.

          Buy generic formula or look for coupons.

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            I just wanna say blessings to you. What a wonderful thing you’re doing!

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              Jahnesha Roberts

              We just fostered 2 infants, both came to us as newborns & they just turned 1 this year! One went home and one is still in our care.

              Don’t be afraid of yard sales and thrift stores. Ask your agency if there’s a foster closet near by.

              Sign up for wic the first week you receive a placement. And most of all, GET ATTACHED —


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                Foster parents are normally paid enough to cover all expenses.

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                  Wipe warmers are not necessary — don’t worry about baby frills. A good sling or carrier is a must. Especially fostering a baby you never know the trauma that child has experienced and close contact/security is important. Trauma is experienced in the womb more than most people think.

                  There are many community support groups and churches that help support foster parents. Not only with material things but also emotional support as you navigate the incredible journey you’ve chosen.

                  Thrift stores have loads of affordable brand new baby clothing and gear.

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                    Buy nothing groups on fb

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                      I am not sure about other states but for us when we get any child if they come with not enough clothing they may have arrangements with certain stores where you can take a voucher and get what is needed. For me when I brought home a newborn it was a $200 voucher to Burlington.

                      Also sign up for WIC immediately.

                      And fall in love whenever you can.

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                        As a foster parent myself for many years now, my best advice is to ask the agency for to help you out. They usually have a “closet”. I have been given bunk beds, pack and plays, twin beds, clothes and more. Furthermore our local second hand shop provides toiletries, clothes and other stuff for free one time when you tell them you’re a foster parent.

                        Currently I have twin infants and it can be challenging without some resources. Also marketplace on Facebook is great.

                        I started using Temu and love it. Check your agency for parents support group as many help each other out.

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                          Walmart’s generic (house brand) diapers are the most affordable ones. If you want name-brand diapers like Huggies or Pampers, order them from Amazon. And if you are ever in desperate need of a diaper in a mall, park or anywhere, go up to anyone with a diaper bag. Offer them $1 for a diaper.

                          They will refuse the money, and probably offer you wipes and powder as well as the diaper. Why? Because you are in the club! Congratulations!

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                            Make sure any equipment you buy or receive second hand doesn’t have any recalls. Cribs, playpen, stroller, etc. It isn’t uncommon.

                            Much joy and many blessings to you.

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                              Don’t buy any clothing or diapers in large quantities, they grow so fast. You don’t want any unused clothes or diaper packages when they move on to the next size. They also age out of some toys so try to limit number of toys or get toys that stretch a longer range.

                              Babies don’t need a lot of toys, maybe a noise toy (rattle), a music toy (mobile or lullaby toy), and maybe a floor mat with ‘touchables’. If you adopt or have a longer foster a baby swing or bouncy seat is nice, helps you get stuff done around the house. A exersaucer was a life safer for me with an older baby. Allowed me to get a shower.

                              My experience is a backpack worked better than a diaper bag, kept my hands free and easier to carry. Can also repurpose it after it’s not needed for baby supplies.

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                                You can buy so much stuff used on fb. You need less clothes than you think…they grow so fast! Boudeux butt paste is amazing foe diaper rash! Don’t waste money on other kinds.

                                Pampers were more expensive but I only had 2 blowouts the entire time my son was in them. Kids are amazing! Good luck!

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                                  I did this. Adopted my son. He is now 7. There should be a group in your community that provides you items you need. Through a church or social service organization.

                                  As a baby by used items from garage sell or goodwill. Do not buy a bunch of stuff.

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                                    You should get financial assistance to foster to help cover costs too.

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                                      Waterproof pads layered on the changing pad sheets. Put another set on top for when things get messy! Just toss the top layer into the hamper and there’s one underneath. You can also do this with bedsheets. Accidents happen!

                                      Be gentle with yourself. It’s all new to you and there’s no easy way to do it! You’re going to do great as long as you love that baby.

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                                        Whatever you do, don’t send clothing and belongings in a plastic garbage bag. Take pictures and send them with if the child doesn’t stay.

                                        Read “the connected child” by karyn purvis. Let yourself fall in love with the child and treat as if they were your own. This is the gift of fostering. So proud of you!

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                                          Once baby is old enough to start purées, it’s much cheaper to make them yourself. Just boil or steam your veggies of choice until very soft and add a little water or formula and mash.

                                          A little goes a long way when they’re just starting out and you can get several servings out of one sweet potato, for example.

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                                            Check into your state’s Women Infant Children program.

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                                              Well, God bless y’all for helping that child. Second hand is good. They just need something to wear, eat and love. My parent were so poor I slept in a dresser drawer they fixed up for me and it didn’t scar me a bit!!

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                                                I bought the waterproof sheeting from Joann’s and cut the length of the crib then layered that and a sheet/repeat with as many as 5. In the middle of the night or a just big mess you can pop the dirty layer off and just toss it in the washer. Have a comfortable rocking chair.

                                                Newborns don’t really need much besides dry diapers and lots of love. Cloth diapers and wipes are really big savings.

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                                                  Cloth diapers have been a lifesaver if you can swing it. They aren’t as expensive as some make them out to be, wegreeco has a 6 pack for around 30 bucks, come with extra inserts and a wet bag. They have bamboo inserts that are more absorbent than the polyester blended ones. There’s toilet sprayer and I recommend a toilet shield as a splurge.

                                                  Sign up for rewards like Similac or enfamil.

                                                  Baby expos, you get so much free stuff! Between those and reg sister boxes/bags we got 7 5ish oz small bottles from there and never had to buy any until we were ready for the large 9 oz ones. our rule was if it’s not in mouths or on butts, it’s basically free game on being used as second hand.

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                                                  Car Col

                                                    Facebook market place and buy nothing / free stuff in (enter your county) you can post there and write a list of items you’ll need.. I’m sure people will comment if they’d like to help. God bless & you are a hero for that child!

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                                                      Our community has a place called Compassion Closet. People donate things so that new foster parents can pick up what they need when they get a new foster. Check and see if your neighborhood has something like that.

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                                                        I was a foster care case manager for 13 years. Connect with other foster parents! They will often loan things back and forth and teach you all about WIC and child care vouchers.

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                                                          Write ( email) companies and explain your situation. Ask if they can send cpns for diapers, formula, etc. Many times they will. When the baby is ready for solid foods, put cooked vegies, etc in a blender and puree. Freeze in ice cube trays until ready to use. It’s way healthier and tons cheaper.

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                                                            Your Foster Care organization should provide, alot. Sign the child up for WIC and state health care. You will receive a monthly check to assist you. If your child is special needs you will receive an additional stipend.

                                                            Look at mommy and me groups and services for diapers, clothes and needed items. Check out yard sales. Don’t go crazy, shop gradually. You do not know how long the baby will be with you.

                                                            I am a Foster Lolli. My daughter and her husband are foster parents. We are all on a break from fostering. It is a very emotionally draining job yet very rewarding for the child. Reunification is priority. Placing the child back in the home, which can be confusing and crushing. Thank you for doing this. I love your hearts♡

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                                                              Used clothes! Either fb or once upon a child, they grow so fast and brand new clothes are so so expensive.

                                                              Also, if you can look into cloth diapering. I’ve heard it’s significantly cheaper than buying diapers but idk if it’s for everyone. We chose not to only because idk if daycare would be ok with it…

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