Could anyone tell me the cheapest way to move long distance?

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      I don’t have many items, no furniture, mostly boxes. But it can’t all fit in my car.

      I’m moving from NYC to North Carolina if that helps

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        Maybe one of those UHaul trailers? Depending on how much you have. Or, if it’ll fit in a tote and taped really well maybe UPS some of it?

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          As someone who’s moved back and forth from CT to FL multiple times, to/from CT and Los Angeles, then CA to FL and FL to SC, I will say you really need to price out all options (full service movers, uhaul, PODS, etc.).

          We didn’t take our furniture for any of our moves bc it wasn’t worth it, so our stuff was mostly boxes as well. For our east to west coast moves, full service movers were cheapest after factoring in the gas, etc. of a uhaul.

          For our moves up/down the east coast it was cheapest to rent a truck and do it ourselves.

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          KC Chase

            If you end up towing your car, make sure you pack as much into it as possible. Fill every inch! We rented a uhall truck and towed our car behind when we moved from Nevada to Michigan.

            Our car was so full, we could not have fit a piece of paper into it. That allowed us to get a small uhall instead of a large one.

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              Vacuum bags for any clothing/blankets/ pillows. Russian doll method of everything inside something else. I used my bath towels and wash cloths as my layers in between glasses and cups since you have to pack them anyways, use them together. Or socks inside cups. For our cross country move, u-pack was cheapest.

              Stack to the ceiling with lots of ratchet straps. You only pay for the floor footage you need, and then there’s a wall, and then they move other types of freight so it’s cheaper than uhaul.

              It will take a couple extra days to get to the new location because it has an extra stop to be made, but ours arrived a day earlier than expected. You do your own packing and unpacking.

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                Take what fits in your car that is costly to replace or sentimental. Sell/donate things that can easily be bought second hand or cheap. You will enjoy setting up a new space beginnings. Not worthing moving stuff that isn’t vital. You can always find stuff you love later. You could do the trailer but trailers use more gas and can add to the risk of long distance travel and make it stressful. Stuff can be stolen, damaged etc or the lights on the trailer (a law to have working) can stop working. Speed is hindered. ETC

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                  Cheapest way is sell everything, buy used (or free) when you arrive.

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                    Rent the smallest possible moving truck or van. And pull your vehicle on a trailer. I mean no disrespect, but please don’t bring the NYC politics down here. We don’t want a mini NY or CA here.

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                      Have you downsized as much as possible? Really think about what you are keeping. Be very intentional about why you are keeping something. Use a rental truck if you still have more than fits in your car and tow the car. Good luck on the move.

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