What are the good companies to invest right now if I want to earn fair dividends?

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      I’m interested in investing in companies that offer fair dividends. Can anyone recommend some good options for dividend-paying stocks to consider right now?

      I’m looking for companies with a strong track record of dividend payments, stable earnings, and potential for growth. Any insights, recommendations, or personal experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.


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        Here’s the value dividend strategy in a nutshell. Google a list of dividend champions and dividend contenders. Screen for those that pay at least 3% and no more than 7%. Use a tool to determine fair value, I personally use Morningstar.

        Populate your portfolio when those companies are below FV.

        Balance across the 11 sectors of the economy at predetermined percentages. Rebalance a few times a year. Repeat forever.

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          EPD is a great one. I have owned for over 10 years – consistent increasing dividends!

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            I used to invest in stocks, many people think that holding can make money, but this wrong idea, stocks is the capitalist to make money, because the money and negative news can greatly affect the stock market market, and the stock cycle is long, the risk is high, and the profit is low, and now sensible people, are choosing the short-term trading, you can avoid a lot of risk.

            Profits are plentiful. The idea of investing is to make money, it’s everyone’s idea, right?

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              If your goal is to earn dividends, buy short term government bonds. Businesses paying dividends tend to be held back by that kind of an obligation. Dividends aren’t guaranteed and can be voted to change at any time. Dividends reduce the value of your stock.

              I recommend buying Berkshire Hathaway or an S&P 500 index fund VFIAX.

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