Cheap and easy bulk meals for new parents?

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      Hello all, I am due to give birth in the next month or so. My husband lost his job recently and I need meals that we can eat on for days at a time. Happy to make things in bulk bonus for things that freeze well so I can make batches. Fresh ingredients are also a bonus.

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        I make all these things in huge batches, portion them out and freeze. Spaghetti sauce, pulled pork, chili, seafood chowder. All freeze well. Get creative with your uses: pulled pork sandwiches, pork Mac n cheese, pork nachos. Chili dogs, chili pie (chili layered with frito chips, cheese and whatever else), chili nachos. Regular spaghetti, baked spaghetti, spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash, spaghetti sauce over broccoli (one of my favorites). I’ve even made huge lasagnas and frozen them in individual servings (cook lasagna and let cool completely! Then cut into cubes and put in baggies to be frozen).

        I am also due around the same time and will be making the same list of things to stock up out freezer before baby comes! Thank you for reminding me it’s time to get that ball rolling lol

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          I don’t have recipe ideas at the moment but if you happen to get govt assistance of any sort, contact them too because a lot of programs will send new moms two weeks worth of meals that you can freeze for after delivery!


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            Lasagna, spaghetti, goulash, hamburger helper, pastalya/jambalya, stew, chicken pot pie, spanish rice, chicken fried rice are all easy dishes that make a lot and can be ate on for days.

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              When we were struggling I would buy beans, rice, jiffy corn bread mixes and potatoes. One meal I made a lot that we could eat for a week was a pot of beans then I would put whatever meat I had leftover…usually we would go to my in laws for BBQ n I’d bring leftovers so I’d chop it up and put in with the beans, a can of rotel, garlic, cumin, salt n pepper and a dash of season all.

              Then I would chop up potatoes with skin on and fry up Once golden I’d put in the beans.

              If I had any zucchini squash bell peppers and onion I’d chop up too and put in.

              Add some water to not have too thick and then a can of tomato sauce. Let simmer on medium for about 20-30 mins stirring every now n then and make corn bread for the side.

              That’s my hobo stew! Lasted for a week of lunch and dinner! Lol. I’d add stuff to it daily.

              Even made white rice and served on top. Use whatever meats you want, sausage, hot dogs and even chicken. Same for veggies use whatever you got.

              You can start the base with 1-2 veggies and then add others daily to change it up. Even corn.

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                I due enchilada beef stroganoff Chili, chicken soup made withe veggies and potatoes quiche Chicken tortilla soup. Turkey and rice casserole Turkey and stuffing casserole. Sloppy Joe’s. Ham and beans

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                  Spiral sliced hams are cheap now- .79/lb. Freeze portions and use the one to make bean soup. Easily 10 meals.

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                    Consider signing up for WIC if you can qualify. The milk, cereal and formula will help.

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                      Pasta bakes, like ziti with ground beef, sauce and mozzarella cheese. I make 4 trays at a time and freeze. 2 boxes of pasta, 2 jars of sauce, 16oz bag of mozzarella cheese, 2 pounds ground beef. Split ingredients equally across 4 trays.

                      Mix it up with red sauce/vodka sauce etc… (I just had a baby a week ago, and it is nice having these to just heat up, so you’re definitely thinking about it the right way!)

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                        Homemade Shepard’s pie, chili, homemade bean burritos (easy to freeze then reheat quickly), and we did lots of prepped stuffed peppers that were easy to reheat and bags of chicken with various vegetables that we could throw into a crock pot. Out of everything, pizza stuffed peppers was my favorite prepped meal!

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                          I’ve premade lasagna and meatloaf before. Froze it before cooking and then all I need to do is put it in the oven.

                          You can thaw and cook with normal instructions or if I’m in a hurry I’ll put it in the oven frozen and put it on a low temp for a longer time.

                          I also freeze many soups. Most freeze well.

                          Another thing that helps is to cook ground beef and then freeze. It can easily be added to a casserole or Mac n cheese.

                          I’ve also grilled burgers, brats, hotdogs and even chicken and then frozen to eat later.

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                            Congrats on the baby!!! Spiral are under $1/lb right now. They are so easy. Roast one and you guys will be able to eat off it for a week. I’d do it up with a big dinner to start then you will have slices for sandwiches, can use in a Mac-n-cheese, scalloped potatoes (even the boxed ones), ham and eggs another night, dice and fry it then mix with pasta.

                            You can also toast a chicken and have tons of things that’ll cook up quick with the leftovers.

                            Casseroles are a good option and it’s just as easy to make 2 and freeze one.

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                              Tex Mex refried pinto beans in the Instant Pot or crock pot. Eat by themselves with a salad of cucumbers and grape tomatoes, or make quesadillas, burritos or tacos with them. They freeze beautifully.

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                                Don’t hesitate to take advantage of local food banks, that’s what they are there for. Just start making double portions any time you cook and freeze half. You can freeze most anything.

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                                  I take one afternoon and cook for several days, i.e., baked chicken including 12 drumsticks, crockpot pork chops, ground up burger for Sloppy Joe’s, boiled potatoes, hard-boiled eggs. Chop up veggies for salad. So much easier now to just steam a veggie and other entrees are ready to go.

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                                    I like to cook up big batches of taco meat and ground beef with onions and garlic. I freeze them and just break off whatever I need for what I’m making (pasta sauce, tacos, nachos, etc). Pulled pork frozen into individual serving sizes. Egg bites. Chicken breast cooked and cut up ready to add to anything (salads, quesadillas, etc). Chilli. Lasagna. Meatloaf.

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                                      Some things that I make in bulk are spaghetti sauce, mashed potatoes, seasoned ground turkey for nachos/tacos. We usually eat these items for one meal, portion out the leftovers and put them in the freezer.

                                      If I already have the spaghetti sauce made, I just need to quickly make some pasta to have dinner.

                                      Conversely, if I already have the mashed potato side in the freezer all I need to do is make some kind of a protein and a vegetable for a quick dinner.

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                                        Chilli, all kinds of soup. If you are low on funds, Id scale back on the fresh ingredients.

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