Maximizing Savings on Grocery Shopping: A Month’s Worth of Meals for $200

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      We usually buy all our meat at Sam’s club, we haven’t been able to go (65 miles away) so I went to HEB, I only bought what was on sale except for the deli hard salami and provolone cheese I bought 2 lbs of each so that was almost $40.

      I spent $129 and got a pork loin that I cut up into chops a roast and some stew meat I got 16 chops which is 8 meals, the roast will be 4 meals and the stew meat will be between 8 and 10 meals when I add the veggies.

      A rack of ribs that will be 4 meals I got 4 packages of sausage each will be enough for 4 meals, 2 packages of bacon, a head of lettuce, 6 tomatoes, 2 tubs of Lloyd’s bbq beef that will be 4 meals each, 2 large bags of chips a large bag of frozen mixed veggies for the stew and a box of tea. not including the lunch meat or bacon. That is 50+ meals.

      I will have to add veggies and bread and eggs to make complete meals, I have that stuff on hand, but have to include the cost.

      I figure we will eat for a month for about $200.

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        It’s amazing how cheap and how versatile that whole pork loin is compared to meat already cut up.

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          My husband is capricious with what he wants to eat, so I have to cater to his appetite.

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            I love getting pork loins and cutting them up. Saves so much money!

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              I love HEB!!! I go in the morning and that’s when they mark a lot of the meats on sale for 25% off. My husband wanted some jalapeno poppers for dinner tomorrow with what he was grilled at was able to get a big package for the price of a small one because of the discount.

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                Cook alit of beans and rice mashed potatoes canned veggies or noodles and gravy cut out bread since it is so expensive nearly 4$ a loaf just some thoughts for you.

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                  Great job! I’m ashamed to say I spend $1100 a month for five adults.

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