How can I make myself save money?

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      I am such a spender. My household brings him around 7,000 a month and nothing to show for it. I need discipline.

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        A lot of great tips!

        The one that helped me the most was every time I’m about to “add to cart” or go to a register I ask myself “is this a need or a want?

        If it’s a need, “do I need it now or can it wait until X goal is done?

        I also have a running list on my phone of my needs and wants as I come across them. I’ve realized how absolutely ridiculous some of my wants are I look at my list after a day or two. I delete things from it often lol

        I also went through my home and decluttered each room and I don’t want it to get back to what it was and that was a major motivators.

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          • For me it was starting slowly and not diving head first.
          • My big thing was never sticking to my grocery list/budgeting.
          • So I started doing online ordering and using a card that only had the amount I needed for that.
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            Same! We bring in $10k a month and have hardly any savings. I love spending money.

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              Grocery pickup so you don’t go inside and grab extra. My problem whenever I go inside I’ll be like “this is cute” etc

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                We are right there with you. I started doing better when I gave myself a limit on my “me” fund and eating out.

                I noticed once I started living within my means, I had more wiggle room and don’t spend as much!

                Also, check out: What I should do with the money I have saved?

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                  Our restaurant spending, we completely cut out and replicated recipes at home. It was fun and saved us so much money.

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                    I love the Ally Bank buckets. This has helped tremendously for us!

                    I have buckets for vacations, dog vet fund, house repairs, HOA fees, car maintenance, my house cleaner, Christmas, emergency fund and my daughter’s birthdays.

                    This is been so much easier to save weekly with the buckets then just having one savings account.

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                      This is the first step – admitting it.

                      I personally get overwhelmed at the thought of this process but I’m slowly making changes.

                      You got it.

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                        How I started….was writing down our bills and debts…then tracking our spending…by me doing that I was able to start saving…everytime I get ahead something major happens.

                        My husband had a wreck in November and I ended up having to get a second job in April and we are unexpectedly pregnant.

                        Since getting the second job I been able to save 800.00 is that a lot? Not at all, but considering that we went from being behind 1000.00 a month to me being able to save that much since April while buying baby things and even paid off some medical debt I feel accomplished. But writing down our spending and highlighting it helped me more than coloring trackers!

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                          I like doing the saving challenges. I make it a game for myself and it takes my mind off spending.

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                            Automate your savings. That way some money is saved before it ever hits your bank account. It really adds up over time!

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                              Inventory! Take out everything from the closets and cupboards and tally how much things you have already. Same for your spending. Cut off social media pages that make you spend. I purged my email “unsubscribe”! No sales, out of sight out if mind.

                              Watch YouTube videos for inspiration! My go tos are cash stuffing videos, TBM videos, til debt do us part (older TV show but still relevant).

                              Don’t forget to take a look at: How have you continued to save despite recent high inflation?

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                                We’re similar, make enough to comfortably cover bills but we don’t save anywhere near where we should. Saving buckets has helped so much. I’ve labeled what we are saving for, so I know if I splurge out of the budget, that money is coming from our anniversary trip, or eventually finishing our basement. Putting a NAME on what we’re saving for has helped so much.

                                Also if you haven’t already listed out your expenses and looked at each category I highly recommend it. Make sure you and other family members are on the same page in terms of money goals.

                                I don’t do cash envelopes but some people find that really helps with discipline.

                                Also make sure you do have some discretionary/fun money. It’s easier for me to feel like we aren’t penny pinching when I can get my nails done and have a nice dinner out still

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