I am looking for some fun, easy meals to have for the kids

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      My husband will soon be traveling for work. I am looking for some fun, easy meals to have for the kids instead of cooking the usual meat and potatoes type meals.

      Anyone have any ideas?

      Thank you!

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        Make your own pizza, sub nights. My daughter always enjoyed this.

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          I totally get this. Hubby was just away. I set out a platter with celery carrots ranch strawberries rolled up ham hard boiled eggs. We had some popcorn and tents/movie in the living room. We made our own pizzas with naan bread.

          I cut up cucumbers & carrots for veg. Grilled some hotdogs and did apples with peanut butter melted chocolate chips. One night was peanut butter roll ups with grapes.

          We had Kraft Mac and cheese. (no offense to Daddy. We missed him. But meals were easy & less cleanup.)

          Don’t miss: Any ideas on meals that won’t break the bank would be amazing!

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            Homemade chicken nuggets, English muffin pizzas they can put their own toppings, Octopus hotdogs and Raman noodles recipe on Pinterest.

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              Anything they can help with. Flat bread pizza, they can top what they want. Homemade uncrustables. Pancakes and let them decorate with chips, etc.

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                “Toasty Dogs” (slice of bread, butter outside, inside a slice of cheese and a hot dog. Wrap bread & secure with toothpicks. Drizzle with ketchup & mustard. Bake at 400 until toasty brown.)

                Frozen pizzas cooked on the grill.

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                  I always love making pizza from tortillas and throw on some sauce and toppings and wham easy peasy also open can of.

                  Chicken add in an egg and cheese cook on 425 spray pan and make homemade nuggets yum them you could also do loaded fries one night

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                    Air fry sweet potato with avocado oil and spice and serve with Greek yogurt.

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