Any ideas on meals that won’t break the bank would be amazing!

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      I’m having company over this weekend for a couple days and to be honest hosting stresses me out so much!

      I get so anxious about what to cook. There’s 2 adults and 4 kiddos.

      Any ideas on meals that won’t break the bank would be amazing!

      Please and thank you!

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      Car Col

        When my family came over with kids- I went to Aldi’s and got 3 bags of Aldi’s pizza dough. The adults all made one and we cut up the 3rd pack into 1/3 and gave each child a piece so they can create their own pizza.. it was fun & then while pizza’s cooked.. we cleaned up- brought out the box of crayons and markers & printer paper for them to draw their own stuff..

        While kids did that- I prepared a hefty salad for the adults to have with pizza.. as for drinks- Aldi sells these sugar free juice powder packets that I just made in a pitcher with ice & lemon slices..

        The following night we made it a taco night..

        One night I suggested for them to try out a restaurant near by and I’ll take care of bfast & lunch..

        The reality is that if these people really care about you and your family they’ll understand its expensive to cook for all those people & the right thing to do is for them to also consider what they want to eat outside of the house they are staying in for free.. when my cousins came, they said hey where’s the local grocery store so we can get some items so we dont eat all your food lol we’re in a recession & food is expensive.. they should be understanding of that..

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          We are having a family cooking/swim this Saturday.. I’m making tacos.. chips .salsa .grilling sausages with chips.. watermelon and cupcakes.. I made a pan of chicken spaghetti would feed a bunch.. with a bag salad .garlic bread.. and a Marie Callenders pie! No cooking today!!!

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            My favorite thing to make is pulled pork in crock pot for street tacos, pickled red onions are so fancy and inexpensive (just thin sliced, vinegar, honey, salt and fennel) crumbled cheese like feta and then chips and salsa. Basically all pre-made so stress free and inexpensive.

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              Make a potato salad, macaroni salad and/or pasta salad. Macaroni and cheese is good too. Grill hot dogs, burgers and sausage. Get vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whip cream and sprinkles for dessert. Bake some brownies, cut a watermelon. All very simple.

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                If you have a grill, you can’t beat burgers, hot dogs, or chicken with sides.

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                  Make a couple of different casseroles that you can throw in the oven or maybe you can cook together so they will be entertained and have help with mea prep. Hamburger meat cottage pie makes a lot and chicken casseroles.

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                    Chicken fingers in the oven for the kids. Perdue has some that are tasty. Very simple for them. Lots of fruits for them too like watermelon. Will fill them up. Baked ziti is easy and crock pot chicken is really easy for the adults. If you can grill, burgers and hot dogs work too!

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                      For breakfast when we have relatives visiting I make overnight French toast or one of the hash brown egg casseroles, or biscuits and gravy. Quiche would be another thing you could make ahead and could have for any meal. You could also do breakfast for dinner with waffles or pancakes, eggs, sausage and fruit. Kids like that.

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