What are your favorite budget-friendly rice recipes for a family of 2?

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      Favorite low budget rice recipes? We’re a family of 2 and have a 10lb bag of rice and a tight budget this month.

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        A Low Country dish called Chicken Bog. Cook rice in chicken broth (I make my own.) then add carrots, celery, and onions as well as the cooked, chopped chicken and a little butter.

        Yum , and budget friendly!

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          Hamburger gravy over rice using can of cream of mushroom soup….. filling and comforting

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            Cooked rice, frozen peas & carrots, warm up in pan, when hot, add eggs, stir, till eggs are done. Rice scramble, My daughter just make amount for her family. I make for one. I like to add a pat of butter, before egg. She uses oil. Seasoning of chose.

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              Stir fry any veggies and meat you have and serve over the rice. You don’t need a lot of meat for taste and protein.

              Red beans and rice is cheap and delicious.

              You can add rice to any soup to stretch it further.

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                Eggroll in a bowl-sliced cabbage, carrots, onions all sauteed with soy sauce and garlic. If you can afford it, add in any ground meat. Serve over rice.

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                  Red beans and rice with a little smoked sausage.

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                    Rice pudding, fried rice, chicken cilantro and rice soup, broccoli and cheese rice, rice chicken and mushroom soup, rice with ranch and chicken.

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                      Majadrah, rice with lentils and onions. I pair with a salad (cut up tomatoes and cucumbers with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper) and plain yogurt. It’s an easy and delicious middle Eastern dinner.

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                        Taco casserole- hamburger meat, rice, cheese, 1 can Rotel, 2 cans small tomato sauce and black beans if you want. Season hamburger meat with taco seasoning, rinse and cook your rice.

                        After hamburger is cooked add in Rotel with liquid and tomato sauce. Add beans, maybe even corn if you want.

                        Stir in rice and shredded cheese. Place in baking dish, add more cheese on top and bake until melted.

                        I usually top with pico, guac, sour cream and green onions. Also, can serve with tortilla chips or tostadas.


                        Useful: Idea for what to do with baby rice cereal?

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                          Chicken and rice. Boil a few pieces of chicken add celery, small amount of onion or leave out and debone the chicken use the good broth, I add a few tablespoons of butter for richness and add rice, boil until almost done and then add back in chicken pieces cut up. A one dish meal. Brought up 4 boys on this.

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                            Rice and beans. if you buy dried beans the are cheaper but take a lot of time. Cannes beans can be found for .25-1 a can. You get your protein for way cheaper than meat!

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                              Pork is cheap and can be used in so many ways. My Mom had many kids and one of her stretch it meals? 1 pound of hamburger fried with onions and occasionally a can of corn. A can of cream of tomato soup combined with huge pot of rice. Fed hungry family and most everybody got a taste of hamburger. Cook a pork roast and try the same theory. And get several meals from the pork roast.

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                                Sauté with a bit of oil, add any veggies you may have or cooked meats, ginger if you have it. Double the rice amount in water. Bring to boil. Cover reduce heat for 25 minutes. Do not take the lid off to check it.

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                                  Moco loco is Hawaii cuisine. The traditional loco moco consists of white rice, topped with a hamburger patty and brown gravy, and finally a sunny-side up fried egg. Delish!

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                                    Cabbage roll casserole
                                    Chicken & rice bake (super yummy)
                                    Cheesy broccoli & rice
                                    Rice & beans
                                    Stuffed peppers
                                    Spanish rice
                                    Bean & rice enchiladas or burritos

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                                      I made ‘Mexican pizzas’ this week. Cooked rice and beans mixed with some salsa and a little leftover pork. Spoon onto tortillas. Top with a little grated cheese and bake till heated and cheese is melted. Serve with a little more salsa. Yum!

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                                        I love using tortillas which you can make or buy…..take leftover meat, cooked beans…black, lentils, pints, whatever, season as you like, sauteed onion garlic celery really cut small, add cooked rice and mix.

                                        Can serve over salad greens and top with fruit slices or berries and smashed nuts on top.

                                        Or you can saute tortilla in pan put 2T full of meat/bean/veg/rice mix on 1 side of tortilla. Fold over and use fork to close and push down on edges of tortilla. Crispy tortillas will fly off the plate. I like sweet and sour sauce or ranch or sour cream.

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