Remember when quick lunch out was $5? I need to prep my meals better. Ideas?

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      I’m feeling the pinch of rising food costs, and I miss the days when grabbing a quick lunch didn’t break the bank. Can anyone share some meal prep tips and ideas that are budget-friendly? I want to start preparing my meals in advance to save money and eat healthier.

      Any suggestions or recipes that won’t cost me an arm and a leg?

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        I love tuna salad and crackers with a piece of fruit and a slice of cheese. Also – leftovers from suppers. Homemade soup is awesome for lunches.

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          I’m a truck driver and was just thinking about what to start taking with me when I read this lol

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            Also cook up some chicken, pork roast or beef roast put in Tupperware containers or (equivalent) put BBQ sauce take to work heat up and eat on crackers or take some buns.

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            Jo Novitzki

              Leftovers from the prior nights dinner.

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                My upper lunch budget used to be $8 for my Friday lunch. I am lucky that I work from home and can eat leftovers everyday for lunch.

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                  Cook a bunch of taco meat put in serving size containers then freeze you can even put grated cheese in with, then take to work pick up small bag of Doritos heat the meat dump in bag add toppings like tomatoes or whatever and voila!!

                  A walking taco.

                  Suggested: Maximizing Savings on Grocery Shopping: A Month’s Worth of Meals for $200

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                    I usually bring leftovers go work, but I keep oatmeal packets, protein bars or shakes, and seaweed snacks in my desk as well. If I don’t bring something from home I can make a lunch with what I have on hand.

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                      1) Hard boiled eggs with apple, cheese snd cracker snd apple,
                      2) pbj sandwich, carrot sticks w ranch dressing, yogurt,
                      3) tuna or chicken salad sandwich, orange or apple,
                      4) leftovers from dinner w piece of fruit,
                      5)ham snd cheese sandwich with carrots & ranch dressing and apple

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                        I meal prep on the weekends, cook the food and freeze. There is always a variety of meals in the freezer. My lunches are in small portions and the dinner meals are a little bigger.

                        It has made my afternoons so much easier, no cooking during the week and no longer tempted to go out for that $20 burger.

                        Also, check out: Different meals from leftover pot roast?

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                          Before I retired I always tried to have leftovers from the night before. But I always kept lunch meat for a sandwich or bought a couple frozen dinners when they were on sale to have in the freezer.

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                            Rice and beans (many types of rice and beans) and add a 3rd or 4th thing to make it a rice bowl.

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                              My favorite meal prep content creators are Zach Coen and Stealth Health. They do macro friendly recipes usually for less than $2-3 a serving.

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