Different meals from leftover pot roast?

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      I have a 5 pound chuck roast that a know we can’t possibly eat all of it any ideas on how to make different meals out of it after it has been in the crockpot with potatoes onions and carrots Thanks for any ideas.

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        Just freeze what you’re not eating. Just the meat onions and gravy as potatoes do not freeze well. U can use that later for anything really.

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          Stew is always good but why not cut roast in half and freeze for another meal.

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            I usually pull-out part of the meat & make BBQ sandwich meat. The rest of the leftover meat & all leftover veggies & broth get cut up & put back in the crockpot along with cans of other veggies like green beans, peas, corn, etc plus some crushed tomatoes & it makes a wonderful pot of beef veggie soup. That gives me 3 different meal variations from one roast.

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              • Italian beef,
              • Beef pot pie
              • Beef and noodles
              • Beef stroganoff
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                My mom used to put leftover beef in the blender to mince it. Then she mixed it with mayo and made the best sandwiches.

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                  Shred it for Mexican food, it’s the best! My spouse loves potroast,but we don’t so that’s the compromise. And refried beans cooked in another crockpot. Pinto beans soaked overnight, cooked all day with onions and garlic, water poured off and mashed with butter.

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                    Shred some of it for beef stroganoff, open faced roast beef sandwiches, vegetable beef soup, topping on baked potatoes, tacos.

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                      I use the gravy made from the juices and make stew with the left over meat and veggies and make Grands biscuits to serve it over.

                      Or if only the meat is left I could also make cooked potatoes (mush them) and mix with the meat ground up, add onion ground up and fry it to make hash.

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                        I do the roast, then separate the leftovers: half for sandwiches and leave the other half in the slow cooker for stroganoff; just add mushrooms, gravy powder, a little water, and some sour cream (the sour cream makes it velvety but isn’t required.) We serve it over egg noodles or mashed potatoes.

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                          Roast have been on sale. I buy and portion out. I’ve made fajita/stir fry strips, 90% lean hamburger, thin sliced chicken fried steak, cubed stew meat. All at $3.47 a pound.

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