Found a hidden gem hairstylist in HCOL area – amazing quality, affordable price!

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      Life’s been crazy busy and I haven’t had a haircut in 2 years and today had an hour to kill while waiting for a friend. I saw a familiar hair chain place and walked in to see if they could cut my hair. The sweet elderly Vietnamese American lady greeted me and and said yes she could do it. Haircut shampoo blow dry came out to $50.

      I live in a HCOL area and most salons charge $150+ for subpar cuts.

      She did a great job on my out of control hair and I added a $50 tip.

      She looked at the register, frowned and asked how much I meant to tip.

      I said $50. She looked so surprised and thanked me.

      A few years ago when I was struggling financially I would have tipped $10.

      Today I was thrilled to give this hard working lady a good tip and not worry one bit about how this affects my budget.

      These are my financial dreams coming true.

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        One day I got overjoyed when I paid for a teenage boy’s tank of gas in the gas station. It is the best hobby ever!

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          Good for you! Sharing the wealth. Very noble.

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            I live in HI, once in awhile I go to Chinatown. There are elderly ladies selling their home grown vegetables and fruits. I just buy from them without negotiating the prices (like many other do). You are right, it doesn’t effect my budget and it makes me happy.

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              We find that reaching FI and having the ability to be generous to those who make our lives better to be one our favorite things!

              That, and not having to set alarm clocks or ask permission to go to a doctors appointment.

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                I did not have enough money to pay for my university graduation program. I happened to tell my situation to the president. He lent $400. After many year later, I asked Opus One to send its wine to him without my name. I did for two years, truly wanted to thank him.

                Good for you!

                Thanking is blessing for us.

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                  Isn’t it awesome?!

                  We love doing this as well, love seeing the look on their faces for the recognition of a job well done.

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                    I’m fortunate that with a privileged start in life (low income childhood, so low expectations and needs), moderate lifestyle creep, and saving the excess, I’m at a point where I have “enough”. I now realize that if I choose to do an endeavor that I enjoy that allows me to make more money (aka “work”), I can GIVE MORE money. The opportunity to GIVE generously is another benefit of FI.

                    Way to go Hannah!

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                      Our son does this lives with us helps us, example I’ve cream truck I’m our neighborhood the other day total was 4 he gave him a 20.00 guy smiled said wow thanks dude you just made my day.

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                        That’s awesome. My hairdresser moved away and I now go to someone at Fantastic Sam’s. She does a great job, and I give her a healthy tip though not as healthy as yours.

                        I’ve a lot of bad haircuts at fancy salons, it’s amazing how someone can mess up basically trimming my hair all one length.

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