For two adults, one kiddo, how much do you spend monthly on mostly organic groceries?

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      Seeking Input: I’m curious to know how much other families spend monthly on predominantly organic groceries for two adults and one child. I’m looking to get a sense of what’s typical in terms of budgeting for organic food. Any insights or sharing of experiences would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!

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        2 adults and 2 young kids. $250 +/- a week. Plus eat out about 2x a week. Total food budget is around $1600.

        We live on an island though, so everything is practically imported.

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          We spend around 300$/week. Prices are through the roof.

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            For two adults we spend appx $200-$250/week on food groceries.

            We only eat whole vegetables, fruits and high quality meats and dairy products.

            We do not eat anything processed that comes in a box or a wrapper with additives… so no cereals, granola bars, chips, juices or sodas, frozen meals, pasta, sugary sauces/dressings, etc… we pretty much skip all the center aisles in the store with very few exceptions. I will do low sodium canned tomato’s and chickpeas.

            Clean eating is worth every penny to me.

            Useful: Has anyone had groceries delivered from the imperfect food app/store?

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              Two adults and two toddlers and we easily spend roughly $800-$1000 a month and we don’t even have to buy most of our meat because we get it from the family ranch.

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                Two adults.

                Some organic.

                €1100 plus about €700 eating out (varies a lot).

                Portugal, where people think it’s so cheap. That said, I’ve no doubt it could be higher if in a HCOL in North America.

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                  About $1400 a month for 3 adults (1 18 yo). We eat local regenerative raised meats and eggs as 75% of our food purchased at farmers market. Also eat vegetables (mostly organic), nuts, and seeds…. And dark chocolate purchased at grocery stores.

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