I just realized my husband and my anniversary is this weekend and I have zero ideas of what to do for him

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      My husband is amazing. I’m talking super hero awesomeness with me and our kids.

      Please help me come up with frugal ideas of what to do for him to show him how great he really is.

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        Favorite breakfast with a card declaring him King for a Day. Then have several surprises planned for the day. Doesn’t have to cost a lot, in fact the surprises can be free or close to free. Favorite foods all day, do notes listing one thing you love about him then spend the day letting him find them as you do the planned surprises.

        Planned surprises can cover anything that you know he likes – including a “free from house duty day.” You, or the kids if around, do the jobs he usually does, while he enjoys something else he likes. Think of things he doesn’t get to do very often – round of golf with buddies, remember to contact them and have them arrange that. Fishing, etc., even time reserved for him to focus on a hobby.

        Pack a picnic lunch, drive, bike, or walk to a favorite location and spend some time together away from everything else.

        You know him better than we do….what would make him feel special, loved and a King for the Day.

        Best of luck!

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        RJ Pippin

          Well since it’s your anniversary to honor your marriage I would do things not involving the kids since that’s more like a Father’s Day thing. Does he have a favorite meal that he likes? A favorite drink a favorite thing that you do? What is his love language? Does he like words of affirmation? … Write out your loving admiring and grateful thoughts to him in a letter or card. Try to make it more about you and him.

          Leave it somewhere he’ll see it— Where he shaves, on his steering wheel?

          Men like to do things with us as well getting into their world— is there something some hobby or sport or activity he likes to do?

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            My spouse isn’t big in most desserts like cake and ice cream but he LOVES soft sugar cookies. For our most recent anniversary I made pork chops and potatoes (his favorite) for dinner, got him a card, and made him a giant sugar cookie.

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              Take him on a magical mystery tour. Plan your day from breakfast at home to adventures like a hike, a visit to a relative, picnic lunch somewhere you have never been, go to where he proposed, take silly pictures throughout the day! Creative ones, upside down, in a tree, by the creek then make a album of your great day. You can end up with supper in bed and then the rest is up to you! Have a great day!

              All your really spending is gas. Get creative!

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                What’s his love language? Sounds dorky but it’s a great way to think about gifting.

                My husband’s love language is acts of service, he repeatedly shows me he loves me by working and helping to ease my burden, so buying him gifts is not the best way to show him how much I love and cherish him. Whereas, putting in the time and effort to make him a delicious meal that we both know took a lot of time and effort is a way that I show him he is worthy of my time and effort and very much loved.

                If your guy likes quality time, plan a family games night, or better yet, ditch the kids and you two have a game night.

                Etc etc

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                  One year, my husband told me not to buy him a present. All he wanted was a letter. I cut out a 4 inch letter A and covered it with words starting with A that I thought described him. Then I wrote him an actual letter explaining what each word meant.

                  He carried those 2 things in his wallet until the day he died.

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