Does Keurig coffee come out hot and are there other coffee makers for 1-2 cups besides percolators and Keurigs?

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      I’m changing the amount of coffee I drink and don’t like heating left-over coffee. I love my percolator since it keeps the beverage hot, but it’s a hassle to use it for 1 or 2 cups. I’ve never even considered a Kerig because it seems the cost of the pods would add up. What does anyone suggest? Does the coffee brewed in a Kerig come out “piping hot”- which is what I like. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

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        You can get reuseable k cups and use regular coffee. They are not very expensive

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          I use a French press. Keurig pods are not good for the environment.

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            I’ve used a keruig for years. You can set the temp and it comes out pretty hot. The cost is similar considering how much I was dumping down the drain. I use Costco brand pods and they make ones that are compostable. My hubby and I work opposite shifts. So, we were making two pots a day and throwing a lot away.

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              Get the reusable coffee pods, Walmart sells them. You can put your favorite ground coffee in them to make in the Keurig. Works great!

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                Put your fresh coffee in thermos and it will be hot for a long while. Put large quantity of fresh coffee in glass jars in fridge and warm it up by the cupful and it will be good for a week.

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                  I have a Hamilton Beach single cup coffee maker. It’s not very expensive, and you use your own ground coffee instead of pods which is cheaper and better for the environment. I think it comes out decently hot . I put creamer in it so it has to go in the microwave to warm it back up though.

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                    A report I read compared coffee brewing, including percolator, k cups, French press, coffee machines, pour over, etc. They concluded the pour over method produced the best tasting coffee. I use a filter holder with a filter that I can brew directly into my cup.

                    Takes just a few minutes. Love the convenience. And less clutter on the countertop.

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                      I’m not a fan of Keurig the pods were not strong enough for me. I prefer the pour over where I can control the strength.

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                        I would do the French press or a pour over for 1-2 cups and use a kettle. Would be cheaper than k-cups, even the reusable. And an electric kettle boils water quickly.

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                          I hated the Kereg. Coffee is horrible tasting and not good for environmental. The refillable baskets are a pain to clean. I do pour over, which I do camping, and tossed the kereg when I came home. I uses an electric tea kettle (jet boil while camping) to do pour-over coffee, tea, instant soups, and to start rice or miso soup. I uses bleach free cones, but some pour-over units have a screen, or glass pot.

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                            I use a Moka Pot to make espresso-like strong coffee and cut it half & half with boiling water for American coffee. I use the leftovers for iced coffee, as it’s strong enough to stand up to the milk and cream and flavorings.

                            It’s a bit more work though. If you just want plain coffee, I’d go with the multiple suggestions of a French press

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                              I’ve had a 4 pot Mr Coffee for years, can make half. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but seems to work for the rest of my crew. Had a Keurig, but it got gross and uncleanable, so we finally got rid of it

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                                I have a Nespresso machine which is pretty costly, about 1.25 a pod. But I also have a little pour over thing which is awesome. I’ve cut back to only 1 cup of coffee a day and both these methods work really well for me. I don’t love the taste of the keurig pods, it’s never really strong enough taste for me to.

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