What are cost-effective ways to control mosquitoes yards without professional treatment?

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      Was wondering if anyone had a frugal effective way to minimize /eliminate mosquitoes in their yard… Our pest control company wants $80 a month to spray/treat- located in South Jersey, thanks!

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        You can plant lemon balm, citronella, lavender, rosemary, and a few other plants that will naturally repel.

        Also, while it takes a couple years for them to find it, get a bat house.

        I’m on Long Island. We have zero mosquitoes due to the bats and plants.

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          Grate Irish spring soap with a cheese grater. Put some on the ground and some in small bowls near you if you sit outside. Works like a charm.

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            Isn’t it funny how we destroy nature? Kill all the bugs on the ground, and we interrupt the balance of everything. I do like the natural remedies with plants and the bat house. Everything that lives has a reason to be there, the mosquitoes feed the birds you can also put a birdhouse in your yard that attracts Martens. They love to eat mosquitoes.

            Do things that encourage nature to take care of itself.

            Useful: Mosquitos crowd around our door and are getting inside our house. Frugal solution?

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              I own a pest control company, without treatment the natural repellents can take years to be somewhat effective. There is no 100% mosquito free remedy that you do on your own. Talk to the company, ask for a discount and because they want to keep your business, they should. Just tell them you want to remain a customer but the bill is too high, can they lower it a little? I’ve done this to keep a customer.

              Good luck

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                I did nuisance wildlife work for years. If you decide to put up a bat house, do not mount it on your house, and preferably a fair distance away. They can be annoying to get out of a structure once they find a way in and starting staying there instead of the box.

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                  Feed your local birds. That’s what they do. Especially any birds that are attracted to suet blocks are bug eaters.

                  Woodpecker, wrens, starlings, blackbirds etc.

                  If you don’t want the squirrels to get into the bird food mix cayenne pepper with it. Birds don’t taste hot food but it keeps the squirrels & chipmunks away.

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                    There are a few plants that repell them. No standing water, if you have bushes make sure the underside is exposed so no water is standing.

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                      I just picked up a couple bags of Triazicide made by Spectracide. Lowes and Ace hardware its 7.00 a bag. Personally. Irish spring, pine sol, coffee grounds, burning coffee grounds do not work for my area. The plants only work when you disturb them for the smell. No matter the age.

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                        Cedarcide (cedar granules and/or spray). Can get on amazon or from their website. There are “Mosquito spartans” which you hang at back of yard as it attracts mosquitos to it.. it’s like a sugar water.

                        There is also Talstar that you can buy at at garden store. You spray it yourself around yard.

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                          We spray our own yard. I think my husband bought Cutter. You attach it to the end of the garden hose and spray it with water. It took care of mosquitoes for a good amount of time. I don’t really remember how long.

                          But it was cheaper.

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                            I am trying the 5 gallon bucket and mosquito donuts this year. Google it. Everyone who has done this is happy with the results. Much as I hate mosquitoes and fear the diseases they carry, I fear wiping out all creatures in my yard by spraying, etc.

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                              Strong fans (they are weak flyers), encourage Mosquito predators by creating a good ecosystem for them (create homes for dragon flies and homes and food for birds….you don’t need to keep refilling bird feeders. You can plant plants that feed the birds), and Bti baits to kill the larva (The baits just kill the mosquitoes and not their predators unlike the spraying companies that just kill everything including the helpful predators).

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