What are your best tips for frugal home decorating?

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      We will be searching for and buying a house in the very near future.

      I’m wondering if anyone has any frugal ways to decorate or knows of places to buy frugal pieces. (From furniture to decor.)

      Will try to:

      • Repurpose what I already own.
      • Will paint/ redecorate where possible.

      I will check:

      • Freecycle pages on FB
      • Thrift stores
      • Habitat Restores
      • Estate sales

      Am I missing any other great options? Any good secrets?

      Thank you!

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        Tell your friends and family – often they are ready to get rid of stuff. But really – don’t be in a rush.

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          Be really careful if you get upholstered furniture used. It could have fleas, roaches, or termites that you don’t see when inspecting, but you will find out later. It could cost more than anything you could buy new.

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            Don’t be afraid to use outdoor pieces inside. A friend of mine found heavy duty wicker rockers for a patio that were pretty rough. She painted them, sewed new cushions and had great living room seating for next to nothing!

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              Don’t know if you think its gross or not, but I have gotten numerous things I have picked up off the curb from people just tossing decent furniture. Got a race car bed for my grandson (I had the mattress already from the crib), a set of furniture for my family room, end tables, etc.

              Be careful and examine things before taking, I would not take mattresses but other furniture most likely be ok.

              Useful: About to start redecorating our home

              Good luck!!

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                Don’t be in a hurry. As you live in the house you will get a feel of what works, what you need, and will probably move things around a few times before it feels comfortable. Marketplace. Garage sales, estate sales are your best options.

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                  Don’t try to furnish your house all at one time- you will disappointed if you “settle” for alright instead of fabulous.

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                    I agree with all of the previous posters. We gave away a lot of furniture when cleaning out my in-laws house. Just be sure to bring a big enough vehicle and people who can actually lift and load things. Nothing is more annoying than people showing up with small cars or using a cane to pick up a big bookcase.

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                      My advice is be very careful when purchasing from thrift stores, goodwill, habitat for humanity, etc… these days. They don’t have the deals they used to have and they will take you for a total ride. I have seen used couches in goodwill and ReStore for $1000, 1200, 1500, etc… same prices as new furniture in my town.

                      I keep seeing t-shirts at $4, 5, 6/shirt and that’s the same price as a new shirt at target or Walmart.

                      Stuff like that. Just be cautious; so many people are broke nowadays that the broke people items are scarce.

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                        I love Amazon and Target return Bins Stores. Check for one in your area that has items that drop in price daily. You can find bathroom rug sets, curtains, small furniture, curtain rods and decor for between $5 and $.25 in my area. It is a low cost way to add smaller items.

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                          In my neighborhood, you’d be shocked what people put on the curb. I probably wouldn’t pick up upholstered pieces, but I’ve gotten lots of nice chests, small tables, bookcases, a wicker dresser, nice shelves, a wheelbarrow, a storage cabinet, a television, tomato trellises, dressers, end tables, mid-century kitchen table, stadium seats, a small odds n ends organizer, even a folding single bed frame. I wear gloves and wipe them all down with 50/50 bleach water.

                          One of my neighbors even put out a Queen Ann dining room set including six upholstered chairs and the table

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                            Ask your friends and family. Also, don’t be afraid to go without. No one says you have to decorate every single room all at once. You can take your time. Or gets serviceable pieces that maybe aren’t your taste but you’ll plan to replace them as you’re able.

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                              Exterminator friend cautioned me about buying used furniture. He advised me to buy CrossFire and spray everything, wood as well as fabric before ever bringing it into home. Just free advice. Crossfire is only good for bedbugs; he said permethrin is good for other crawling critters.

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                                We have a Facebook group in the local area called the $1 auction page. Everything that is listed starts bids at $1 and goes for 24hrs. I see a lot of people moving unloading very nice stuff on there and it is usually a very good deal if you have something local.

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                                  It took basically years to fully decorate my house. I waited until I found the perfect picture art and other things and sometimes I’d buy a really nice frame at a thrift store and take it to the frame shop to get the print I wanted framed. You might even do it yourself with some how-to videos. Have fun with your adventure!

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                                    Get the word out with family and friends, the piece you are looking for.

                                    I have had many homes and I live in it for a few months before I hang anything or add to what I have. A room has a feel and lots of things get moved before you get the feel. The size, location, traffic flow, lighting…

                                    The big change in my current home is I want less.

                                    I have a fantastic collection of fine art. I always felt I had to have it all on display. Not this home. After figuring out where “my” chair would go and using it for a couple months, I made the decisions (in my head) what piece would go where. I decided I would store a few pieces to change it up a bit. I then offered family and dear friends if they wanted anything left, then Marketplace then the thrift shop.

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